Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Magic Rabbit Tea Infuser

I received an early Christmas gift of a new tea infuser from my friend Nancy, and I'm nicknaming this one "Snow Bunny" since I am hoping to see snow here in Georgia sometime this winter.

 It's actually a Magic Rabbit Tea Infuser, and it's quite simple to use.

You fill the infuser, a typical tea ball, and the bunny attached to it perches on the side of your cup while the tea steeps.

And when you're done, the infuser "magically" goes back in the hat while the bunny is there to greet you! Now I don't always use my cute tea infusers (I tend to reach for a mesh strainer or filter tea bag), but I do love to collect unusual tea infusers as fun teatime novelties. It has dawned on me that I need a clever way of displaying them. Any ideas?


  1. That's adorable! i love the little bunny sitting on the cup, and the attached "tea ball" actually looks big enough to give the tea leaves some room. Maybe the bunny needs to sit on one of the Christmas teacups you have on your tea cart.

  2. Your "Snow Bunny" is extremely cute! And very cleverly designed. As far as displaying your unusual infusers, you could take a bowl and arrange the infuser figures all around the edge of the bowl. Then you could put some cloth over the infuser balls that are collected inside the bowl, so that the tea balls are hidden and the attention remains on the cute figures positioned around the top edge of the bowl.

  3. The snow bunny is cute. I’ve not seen this before. Would the infusers fit in one of those shelves meant for displaying thimbles or shot glasses?


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