Monday, March 16, 2015

The tea trolley wears a little green for St. Patrick's Day

When you were in school, did you always make sure to wear something green on St. Patrick's Day to be sure you weren't pinched? I don't know where that particular custom originated, but I do remember forgetting to wear green a few times and getting pinched, so I'm making sure to share some green on the blog in case any of you out there are pinchers!

I don't have lots of green teawares, but the few greenish teacups I do have blend well even though they are very different styles!

I am still just wild about the teapot I bought from a tea friend on eBay two years ago. I'd never seen one like this before, and I'm so happy to have it!

My greenery comes not from shamrocks but from an African violet that has suddenly decided to bloom. The flowers are so shimmery in the light!

I do, however, have shamrocks in the form of this china ornament that was a gift from a friend!

My other live greenery is this little stone-looking teacup with some sort of succulent in it, found at an antique mall a few years back and a plant that I'm pleased to report thrives on neglect.

For a bit more green color, I added this book, "The Floral Home," an estate sale find.

It's just a wee bit of green on the tea trolley this month, but I rather like it. Do you put out any decorations for St. Patrick's Day?


  1. How pretty! Love that teapot. My table is set with a green cloth and some green Depression glass pieces, and I have my green ready to wear tomorrow.

  2. I like the pattern on your teapot and the St. Paddy's dispay you created on your tea cart. I put my 2 shamrock teacups on my cart to use and make sure to bake Irish soda brea but that's about it.

  3. WELL, let's just say this: I am Irish on both sides, though my French/Irish momma was all French-ish.
    My Irishness is strong, and I have never once forgotten to wear green. In fact I kinda wear green the whole month, haha. I wrote a tiny bit about Wearing O' the Green on my post from late last night when i was finally FINALLLLYYYYY able to post.

    Your tea cart looks WONDERFUL and perfectly festive. I do very much like your pretty shamrock tea items there. Happy St. Patrick's Day, sweet lady! ♣

  4. It's always such fun to see the changing seasons as interpreted on your tea trolley! Love the tea pot, and the beautiful shades of green in the tea cups. Spring is soon here!

  5. What a nice display! No St. Patrick's display in our household this year, but there's a special St. Patrick's day sugar cookie going in my son's lunch bag as a surprise tomorrow.

  6. Everything is so beautiful including the lovely little tea pot. I have not seen an African violet here in Puerto Rico. I am going to have to find out if they are grown here. Did you know that the first color to be used for St. Patrick;s Day was blue? I love blue, however, I think St. Pat's Day should be green anyway. Blessings

  7. Very nice "green" tea trolley! Beautiful teapot. I have a little bit of green around for the kiddies -- and I bought the Little Debbie shamrock cookies you suggested last year too! Plus, we may try our hand tomorrow to bake some green cookies too! Happy St Patrick's day to you!

  8. Very pretty. I saw a big display of shamrock china over the weekend and thought of you.

  9. Hello Angela, what a beautiful tea cart! I especially love the tea pot, very pretty. Wishing you a great holiday, Joanie


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