Friday, May 16, 2014

Abigail's Blend from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas

I just got around to sampling a new tea, Abigail's Blend from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Kentucky. According to the company's website, "Bruce Richardson designed this historic blend of black teas to be reminiscent of the China black teas tossed overboard in 1773. Named for Abigail Adams, this is the house blend for the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum's Abigail's Tea Room."

When I opened the tin, I got that nice, strong scent so reminiscent of wood shavings, the scent I often find in the freshest and best teas. The leaves were mostly dark brown with a few golden bits appearing.

This tea features a nice strong flavor, and I've been favoring my tea a little stronger these days so that was most welcome! It had only a slight astringency, and I very much enjoyed this delicious cup of tea. For more information, you can visit the company's website here.


  1. I like the inspiration fir this tea!

  2. A nice review. I like my tea an amber colour and by the time I add milk, it's pretty washed out looking.

  3. The tea looks delicious, and love the historical name and tin! Your tea cup is so pretty. Off to visit Colonial Williamsburg and this tea put me in a great mind to pick up some of it for my return home.

  4. This sounds like one I would enjoy. Have been drinking the Kentucky Blend that I purchased from Elmwood, and enjoy it greatly.


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