Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dial White Tea & Vitamin E Glycerin Soap

They say scent is one of our strongest memory triggers and I believe it. Lily of the valley fragrances remind me of the Little Kiddle dolls I played with as a girl. Sweet Honesty and Love's Baby Soft take me back to junior high. Dial soap is also a strong fragrance memory. Even today, I can just see the word "Dial" and imagine the scent of that yellowish-orange bar of soap and how it felt when I visited my aunt. There, I got to take a bath in her old claw-foot tub where she made sure I was scrub-a-dub-dubbed to within an inch of my life with Dial soap. And today Dial, I am pleased to report, has gotten with the times thanks to this new variety I came across last week, Dial White Tea & Vitamin E Glycerin Soap.

This soap does indeed contain white tea extract, which I like, and let me just say that this soap looks, smells and feels divine. I say "feels" because I have observed that while I love those chunky, big-scented and big-sized bars of soap, they can be a bit clunky to use in the shower. This soap is the perfect size, and the rounded shape strikes me as particularly well-suited for us lady users.

The glycerine bar has a terrific silky feel, too, and I got three bars for just $1.67 at Publix last week, making this a find that's both useful and thrifty! Have you tried it?


  1. Well, well! Glad to see it's real tea extract, too.

  2. We have to be the exact age!

    I had Little Kiddles, loved SH and LBS in Jr. High and Dial totally reminds me of childhood!

    My favorite Kiddle I kept - Violet. She lost her scent, but she is still a beauty. I also had those itty bitty teeeny weeny jewelery Kiddles. I saw one in my old Barbie box a few years ago so at least was salvaged.

    Wow, you sure did just take me down memory lane.

    I gotta try that soap - I use ridiculously huge clunky French triple milled soaps that my DH cuts in half for me so I can handle easier..but the tea soap sounds awesome, thanks for the tip and great post!

  3. Will have to find some of this, I tried their cranberry gycerin soap and loved it. And Lily of the Valley scent was my mother's favorite, I feel her presence any time I smell it.

  4. Will definitely have to look for this soap. Hubby buys Dial Spring Water Antibacterial Deoderant Soap at SAM'S Club -- drys out my skin! This White Tea & Vitamin E soap would be so much better! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this soap. I agree, big clunky bars of soap are hard to deal with! I think this would be the perfect soap for me.

  6. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I too loved Little Kiddles!! I gave my daughter the few I had left from my childhood. She now has a daughter of her own and I wish I had kept them all nice for her to play with. But, who knew when you were 10 that you would have grandchildren one day? And, I wore Love's Baby Soft as an eighteen year old. I am going to try this tea Dial soap which is a long way from the yellow-orange bar soap my mom used to buy in the 70's. I enjoy your blog!!

    Mrs. B

  7. I wonder if my husband would complain if I put this in the shower? :-)


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