Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tea Tasting with Teavivre

Teavivre in China was kind enough to send me some samples of their teas to try, so over the weekend I decided I would have a bit of a "formal" tea tasting.

The teas were packaged with great care and even had bubble wrap around them. I've never seen such well-protected packages of tea!

I'm always impressed when I see a label that includes all the information I need for preparing tea. Many of them seem to provide only general directions, but this one was very specific about the Keemun Hao Ya. When I opened the tea, I first noticed a very fresh, woodsy scent. During my year of "tea tastings" a few years ago, I developed a real appreciation for that fresh, earthy scent, which usually meant I was going to like that particular tea.

First, I scooped some tea into my tasting cup before adding the water.

Then I let it steep for about 2 minutes, the low end of the timing scale, because I've learned I prefer my teas this way. With the china tea tasting set my husband got me for Christmas, I poured off the tea, which you accomplish by tilting the lidded mug over into the tea bowl.

Here's what the steeped tea looked like, a nice coppery red color.

And this is what the wet leaf looked like. The taste was a brisk black, woodsy tea flavor that I was happy to find had very little astringency afterwards. I very much enjoyed my first experience sampling a Teavivre tea, and in fact I was able to get three more cups of tea from subsequent steepings of these leaves, each one steeped for just a little longer than the first. For more information, visit the Teavivre website here.


  1. Although I've been trying to drink more green teas, particularly in the morning, I've discovered that I really do prefer a good Keemun.

  2. Was there a hint of lavender color in the unsteeped leaves, or was it just me? The unsteeped leaved are very important to me -- I guess because it's my first impression of the tea. Great review -- thank you for sharing, Angela! :)

  3. Don't forget tea leaves make the GREATEST compost!

    ALSO, when it is warmer and if you have hydrangeas.....to get the beautiful blue purple hydrangea color spread your tea leaves into the base soil.....they love the acid and turn the pink into blue.

    AND finally, azaleas especially love acidic soil and tea leaves are a great natural way to keep them healthy.

  4. I have never heard of this brand...awesome review!

  5. Another great review, Angela! Thanks for sharing your 'tea-pertise.' You are a far braver tea-taster than I am but I sure appreciate hearing about all the different teas. Joanie

  6. ps Angela: Tea Pot / Bird Feeder A-L-E-R-T! Just came back from Cracker Barrel and they were setting up a spring display - the prettiest Tea Pot / Bird Feeder...it's in the Garden Section...Joanie

  7. Sometimes the packaging is as tasty as the tea. Thanks for providing a link for the company, so that we can be visually tempted as well.

  8. I would be curious what other teas you will be tasting as their prices looks pretty good and shipping is free over $30. I could easily spend $30. Thanks for the review.

  9. wow... the color of the tea is so vibrant!


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