Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's play tea!

A friend who volunteers with the local foster parent association tells me the group has a huge need for children's toys this Christmas. I'm trying to start shopping now, so when my husband gave me his $10 coupon or "Kohl's cash" he earned for buying some new clothes at Kohl's recently, I used it to buy this sweet little Fisher-Price tea set. It was $23.99 on sale for $16.79, minus the $10 discount, so I got it with tax and all for just $7.27. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

This set, designed for children 6-36 months, has a lot of bells and whistles and is educational as well as fun. Doesn't the teapot make you smile?

And what sweet little teacups!

I couldn't open it, of course, since it's destined for a child and not myself, but I did peer inside the teapot and was amused to find a "teabag" inside. So here's a challenge to all my fellow tea lovers, no matter where you live. What if as many of us as possible were to donate a tea-themed toy to a local charity this Christmas? Think of all those future tea lovers we could be indoctrinating blessing with these toys! I realize that in this economy not everyone will be able to make a donation, but I wanted to plant the seed just in case some of you feel led to help in your own community. I also learned from my volunteer friend that there is a real need for black baby dolls. They often get white dolls but want to give black dolls to the little girls who are black, which makes sense. So I have purposed to buy at least one black baby doll before Christmas as well. It really *is* more blessed to give than to receive!


  1. So cute. When I was reading this I thought..'darn, I don't have anyone I can give it to'. I concluded in my head, that I would buy one for Christmas charity and then you go ahead and suggest that very thought. Kind of scary......like you were in my head. haha Enjoy your day, Angela

  2. Christmas can be such a hard time for kids in foster care, and many toys are very inexpensive. It is a great way to spread a little joy to those who especially need it! Thanks, Angela, for putting it out there!

  3. I found this cute Fisher-Price tea set a while ago and bought it right away to give to Madison for Christmas. I can't wait to start sharing my love of all things tea with her. ;-)

  4. Angela,
    You have a generous heart and always seem to be thinking of others.
    Throughout the year, I try to look for small toys and stuffed animals on sale to save for Toys For Tots. Even some local police stations or state troopers like to to have small, new stuffed animals on hand or in the officers' car trunks for the traumatized children they may come across. I will now specifically look for black dolls on future forays.
    Cindy at Friends For Tea

  5. Dear Angela, what a thoughtful post today - you really made me think! That is a great gift and you know you have just 'made' someone's Christmas! I am going to do something for a child in need, thanks to you. Have a great day, Joanie

  6. Great idea, Angela! And I like your idea about the black dolls too. Such a very cute tea set.

  7. Cute tea set. But as a mother to a toddler I hate that everything these days comes with whistles, bells, and takes batteries. I guess we like more simple toys at our house. Angela, I don't mean any disrespect to you for buying it. If I had a daughter I might buy it too, and leave the batteries out. LOL

  8. What a lovely idea about the toy donations. Count me in.


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