Friday, October 1, 2010

Decorating with white

Tomorrow, some of my co-workers and I will be hosting a very special tea for one of our own who is very dear to us. This week I've been gathering some of the appropriate teawares we'll need, and I have often stopped to admire a few of the details in this particular color palette. Like white roses on the teapot.

White crocheted trim on a white tea-themed tablecloth.

White-on-white teacup embroidered napkins.

White pearlized handle flatware.

A white cakeplate, a mostly white tea trivet and a white doily. Can you guess the occasion for the tea we're having? If not, I hope you'll check back Monday to see how it all turned out!


  1. I forgot to say: I am guessing that someone is getting married!

  2. All the teawares you have chosen are lovely. Can't wait to see the photos on Monday. I know it will be beautiful, with wonderful tea tidbits on the menu.

  3. Beautiful and Bridal

  4. Oh how lovely! Have a wonderful tea and can't wait to see the photos. Have a great weekend,

  5. Classy tea ware and a great idea for any event.

  6. Love all the white, especially those pearl handled flatware.

  7. My guess would be a bridal shower. It is all so lovely. Can't wait to see the pictures when it's all put together.


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