Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A trip to World Market

Designs with a tea bowl and saucer always catch my attention, so naturally I was drawn to this tea towel during a visit to World Market over the weekend.

This time I didn't notice any new teas I couldn't live without, but they did have a couple of tea towels I thought were nice at an extra sweet price, just $3.99 each.

A lot of gift stores are now charging $15 and up for tea towels, I've observed, but these World Market versions suit me just fine!

I was also interested in the new baking supplies, including silicone mini muffin cups and heart-shaped regular size muffin cups. These were just $2.49 a package, and I'm already wishing I'd gotten more!

This week I have to finalize plans for our magazine's Christmas issue, and I'm seriously hoping these red and green baking cups will put me in the mood. It's kind of hard to get all fa-la-la in the heat of August, but my little trip to World Market certainly helped!


  1. Great tea towels. I only wish there was a World Market near me. But do I really need more tea pot towels?

    What magazine are you getting ready for Christmas?

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Hello Angela, those are some neat tea towels! I love the design.
    I bet they would look great in a frame, too. Have a great day, Joanie

  3. Those tea towels are great and what a bargain price. Also, I'm surprised at the low price of those nice silicone muffin cups. Wish there was a World Market store around here.

  4. Angela, where is our local World Market? These are just beautiful tea towels.

  5. Oh and I have a coupon for the World Market. I must go to market, to market I must go.

  6. Tablescaper, the mag I edit is Newnan-Coweta Magazine, and it's a small city mag in Newnan, Ga. And Teresa, I went to the World Market on Cobb Parkway. That may be the closest one since the Fayetteville store closed, alas!

  7. Thanks (once again) for the heads-up on the cute tea towels at World Market. Here in So Cal, there are several World Markets nearby, so I will be visiting one of them soon, and hope they carry the same merchandise as yours does in Georgia!

  8. What a lovely tea towel. World Market has the neatest things!

  9. I *must* take a trip soon to our world Market. Just love that tea towel!!!


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