Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More tea for the jewelry box

Whenever I shop for costume jewelry, as I did recently at a local department store, I was reminded once again that shopping "vintage" is not just fun, it's also more economical! These teapot earrings were a recent eBay find and cost under $6, including shipping. (I do think the rhinestone-bedecked spoons look more like shovels, but since I'm so into gardening now, that works too!)

I'm not sure exactly *how* vintage these are, because I don't think these leverback style pierced earrings have been around all that long, but no matter! I love them, the etching around the teapot is so pretty, and the price was right.

Another of my recent finds was the first piece I've found marked "FRANCE." This marbleized gray teapot pin measures about 3/4 inch tall by 1-1/2 inches wide and appears to be some sort of plastic. This will come in handy for gussying up a t-shirt or lightweight sweater, since I've noticed my heavier pins tend to droop when I wear them on something lightweight.

And finally, I wanted to confess that I am not a purist when it comes to my tea-themed jewelry. This lovely Brighton state charm, which represents Washington state, even says "Brighton Coffee" on the bottom, but since the design is of a little cup and saucer (with a dangling gold heart charm! and curlicues of steam!) I decided it could have a home on my charm bracelet anyway. Thank goodness the cup and saucer image continues to inspire jewelry designers, because it sure inspires me!


  1. Whoah, Angela - those are some awesome tea finds! I love them all, but especially the last Brighton piece - how neat is that?
    You definitely have 'an artist's eye.' I lust love your site, Joanie

  2. The term would be "Vintage Style" and they sure are cute!

  3. Lovely! Do you wear tea-themed jewelry every day?

  4. I do, Steph, but it's not usually a lot. Just a bracelet and a pin or necklace ... unless I'm going to tea and then it's as much as I can wear without looking like a tea floozy!

  5. You found some cute pieces. I really love the cup and saucer charm.


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