Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter at Peep Cottage Tea Room

This is Matilda Peep.

This is Emma Peep.

* * *

Setting: A delightful new tea room in west Georgia

The occasion: Sisters Matilda and Emma Peep are enjoying tea

The reason: Getting ready for Easter

* * *

Matilda: Isn't it great to to be able to enjoy Easter tea right here in our own town this year?

Emma: Oh, I do love it here. The ladies who run Peep Cottage are so lovely, especially with those wonderful British accents. Don't you agree?

Matilda: Right-o! Say, which tea are you ordering today?

Emma: Same one I always get -- Monk's Blend. What about you?

Matilda: Now just give me a minute. I think I'll have the Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea. That sounds nice and Eastery!

Emma: Oh, that does sound good! I think I'll have it too!

Matilda: No, you have to get the Monk's Blend.

Emma: I am a grown woman and I don't *have* to do any such thing, Matilda Peep.

Matilda: Quit your squawking, for Peep's sake, and don't make a scene! Besides, you were going to tell me about your new Easter dress.

Emma: It is too cute! It's a peach floral print dress and I got it on sale at Cadbury's Department Store.

Matilda: I'll bet it's adorable! What kind of sleeves does it have?

Emma: No sleeves! I have decided to liberate my arms this year. I'm going sleeveless.

Matilda: You have got to be kidding me, Sis. I've seen those upper arms of yours, and they are not exactly ready for prime time, if you get my drift. I know I wouldn't be caught dead showing off my "bat wings" on Easter Sunday, especially if I sang in the choir like you.

Emma: Are you saying my arms look fat?

Matilda: I didn't say any such thing! I just said it's not a look I personally would be able to pull off. I'm going to wear a pink and green jacket dress with my new green hat. What do you think of it?

Emma: I thought that hat was new! Where'd you find it?

Matilda: On eBay, of course. Bought it off a little old lady in Birmingham who only wore it on Sundays. Ha ha! And before you say anything, no, I do NOT intend to carry this old black pocketbook on Sunday, and I'll try to find a white one at the mall this weekend. I know you don't like black accessories between Easter and Labor Day.

Emma: You still haven't got it right, Matilda! It's not that you can't carry black. Black is OK anytime. It's just that you must not carry white except between Easter and Labor Day. Why is that so hard to remember?

Matilda: Oh, phooey. Just tell me where to find a cute white pocketbook and pass me some more of that Yorkshire Loaf.

Emma: I got the pocketbook I'll use for Easter at Cadbury's when I bought my dress. They had this gift-with-purchase going on where if you bought a dress, you got a new pocketbook for free!

Matilda: That's my kind of shopping, Emma. You always find such great deals at that store.

Emma: Yes indeed, those are my Peeps!


(If you'd like to see last year's Easter visit starring the Peep sisters, go here.)


  1. A big thanks to the Peeps sisters for beginning my day with a smile -- and to you, Angela, for the joy you share with your "peeps" through Tea With Friends. You are a blessing! Have a wonderful Easter--- B-)

  2. Those peeps are too cute!
    Peeps with style!

  3. Oh my gosh that is very cute.

  4. Oh my goodness, Angela - I can not stop giggling!

    I agree with BB - you bring so much joy to so many! I am glad you have this site, it is so entertaining & informative...I am 'hooked!'

    Hope you have a grand Easter and thanks for all the smiles you provide,

  5. Hi! I'm your newest follower. I have been looking through some of your recent posts. Your tea station is so cute! And that Century cake looks amazingly yummy! I am going to have to try that one the next time my best friend comes over for tea.

  6. Love those cute little peeps at their tea party!

  7. Ha Ha ~ Lurve the story! I almost woke the house up laughing from the Bat Wings! ha ha ha

  8. It's fun to see Matilda and Emma again this year. Gotta love those girls! What a fun way to start my day!

  9. How nice that the fashionable Peep sisters found a new tearoom to visit this year. It was such fun listening in on their lively conversation.

  10. Too funny! Love it. Now where did you find a teapot like that? Oh I remember last year's Peeps and loved it then too. My Peeps are waiting to sit on top of chocolate cupcakes this year.

    Have a wonderful, delightful Easter.

  11. How did I miss this one?? Glad I 'found' it... even if Easter has long passed! Happy belated Easter, Angela! Love those peeps, and particularly think their hats are stunning!


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