Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Tea C swappers selected!

Just by way of update ... I have now sent e-mails to all those participating in the A Tea C swap (12 of us, which I think is not bad for a first-time try at this sort of thing!). The e-mail has contact info for your swap partner. Although I did not state a deadline for creating the cards, I am aiming to have mine shipped out within two weeks. (And as a reminder, we are to create two cards to send our partner.)

If any of you have questions or for some reason did not get your notification e-mail, please contact me at Thanks, and happy crafting!


  1. 12 participants! That is fabulous! I hope that everyone will post their cards - both those sent and those received. I would really like to see them all!

  2. Angela, I think this is so neat and though I'm not a participant, I would love to see these. Thanks again for another fun post: can we nominate your site for an award? (Is there such a category or award program for blog sites? Please let me know.)

    There should be - your site is so creative, interesting and well done, it is a good site to visit. I am always learning something new or fun. Thanks and have a great weekend, Joanie


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