Friday, October 23, 2009

Dispatches from Singapore and Russia

Yesterday the DH worked from home, and when I came in from work he told me he'd had to sign for a package for me, a package from Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a brooch I'd found from an Etsy seller in Singapore had arrived so quickly. (And I'm not complaining, but $4 for shipping from Singapore to Georgia seems like a mighty fine deal to me!) The pin is about 1-3/4 inches tall, and I love that even though it has rhinestones (even UNDER the handle, which is a nice touch), it isn't really that gaudy.

Also in the day's mail was the only thing I've found on eBay in the last month, a beautiful little (1-1/2-inch wide) Russian teacup pin which will look great on the new black coat I bought the other day. The seller is actually in Illinois, but the pin is said to be a genuine Russian hand-painted wooden piece. It reminds me so much of a similarly painted pin I got from my grandmother, and I have to say I just adore the design of the piece, the pretty shape and the pink rose. If nothing else, my geography skills are improving as I add to my tea-themed jewelry collection!


  1. those are lovely. and my goodness you will be able to wear a different piece of tea jewelry every day!

  2. Oh how pretty! I love both of them! What a great deal!

  3. Both pieces are lovely. I'm surprised that the shipping rate was so low. That tole painting on the Russian teacup is so pretty.

  4. This jewelry got me thinking what I could wear as male tea-themed jewelry. I have a couple of leaf earrings I can wear and those are cool for me. A plain metal pin of a teacup would work for a guy and could be fancy like silver. --Teaternity

  5. Two lovely and original finds. They will make great conversation pieces when you wear them.

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  7. What a cute pin - sometimes I wear 3tea related pins like a grouping!

  8. You find the best tea stuff!!!


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