Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite finds of the week

So what that I had 50 things on my to-do list yesterday before I head out on a long weekend! I still managed to find time on my lunch hour to head to an estate sale in the area I called home for almost 17 years prior to marriage. And it was a good sale, too! My favorite purchase would have to be this vintage tea pitcher I got for $4, which seems to be my magic price for bargain goodies this week.

See the little teacups hanging there? ("Yes, Angela, I'm not blind," someone is saying.)

And the tea kettle design? Some would say "coffee kettle," but not on this blog. I just love this tea pitcher. I popped DH's red mousepad inside to make the design show up better.

The estate sale (which continues today at 343 Hal Jones Rd. in Newnan for any of you who can go) had lots of great buys. Like a nice stash of vintage handkerchiefs for $1 each. I am especially fond of Christmas ones.

Christmas items always seem to be in abundance at estate sales, and I found several good buys on them yesterday. A few years ago, I wanted a vintage glass Christmas tree topper but couldn't seem to find one I liked for a good price. This $1 model, in the original box, with the original sticker, was just my style.

As were these ornaments, $1 for the whole box. Have you all been to any good estate sales lately? I always love to hear about your own favorite finds!


  1. All your finds are great. The Christmas ornaments bring back memories of our Christmas trees when I was little. We had a lot of those ornaments and (my favorite) bubbler lights.

  2. What pretty ornaments. I've seen that pitcher somewhere before. Maybe at one of my Grandparents. Enjoy your long weekend.

  3. Aren't estate sales the best! Love the tree topper and for only $1. What a lucky find.

    Have a great weekend away!

  4. I love the pitcher. What a great find!


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