Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Somebody went to Charleston ..."

"...and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Fortunately, that's not what *I* was saying after my friend Holly got back from her weekend trip to Charleston, because I received not a lousy T-shirt but instead a gift of some delicious Rooibos Rising Sun Tea from Hale Tea Company, a new name to me!

Today Holly was back at work after a trip to Charleston with a girlfriend, and her mission on my behalf was simple: Check out the new Fuschia Tea Emporium recommended by Tea Lover Denise last month. She did, and I'm happy to say she gave it a glowing review just as Denise did! I am told the lunch offerings were very good (Holly, who is tiny, says she polished off hers), and the tea was excellent. She also liked that all the women in her party got to select their own teacup and saucer from a display rack on the wall. She wants to go back for the afternoon tea, and now, so do I.

It's funny, but Denise's post about this tea room appeared right about the same time Holly was asking if I knew of a tearoom in Charleston. Sadly, the only one I knew of was the fictional Indigo Tea Room, but then came news of this one. And the tea Holly got for me is perfect for late evening sipping, because it's a caffeine free green rooibos flavored with strawberries and sunflower petals. So thank you Holly! (And thank you Denise for instigating all this!)


  1. Having a little trouble this morning posting a comment - my text keeps vanishing. Your gift rooibos sounds yummy and I was excited to hear about the new Fuschia Tea Emporium. Their website shows a menu of delicious tea foods and they even have Barry's tea.

    Choosing your own cup is a really nice touch. So many times I've been served tea in a cup with an impossible to hold handle. Can't wait to plan a visit.

    The only place I've taken tea in Charleston was at the Charleston Place Hotel in their Thoroughbred Room. It was quite elegant and I brought home a tin of the Imperial Tea Room tea (Taylors of Harrogate) that we were served.

    Thanks so much for the new tearoom info.

  2. Ahhh, Chahlstun in the spring, and a tea room too! Sounds delightful!

  3. P.S. Hale Tea Co. has actually been around for quite some time. When I first met Mr. Hale, years ago, the company was located in Savannah. Hale Tea Co. makes those cute little souvenir boxes of teabags that you see in Savannah and Charleston - the ones that depict local historic homes. I'm not sure of Hale's current status/situation.


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