Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Christmas Teas of Comfort and Joy"

A new Emilie Barnes book always makes me happy, because I have great respect for her ministry as well as her love for the ritual of teatime. Several years ago she visited my area from her home in California, and I remember traveling to local churches a few times to hear her speak. Once, I got to hand her an envelope in which I'd included a crocheted doily I made along with a copy of a newspaper column I'd written about how much I enjoyed her books. She didn't open it then but said she'd look forward to reading my note on the airplane on the way home, and apparently she did. Imagine my joy when a short while later, the office mailbox delivered up a lovely and gracious handwritten thank-you note from Emilie herself! So to say I am a fan is putting it mildly.

"Christmas Teas of Comfort and Joy" is the title of her newest book, with paintings by Susan Rios. The text is actually from her past Christmas book, "The Twelve Teas of Christmas," but the paintings are copyright 2008 -- and they are lovely!

I really like the cheerful paintings by Susan Rios, and I also enjoyed re-reading this book in a new format. It reminded me of some of the tips I'd heard before, and it also gave me ideas for new things I wish to try, like the Christmas Bread made of balls of dough. If you're a tea lover, I recommend you get at least one of these great books for your tea library!


  1. I love too and have all her books. I must say I've been very disappointed the past few years when I see what I'm led to believe is a new Emilie Barnes book and rush out to get it only discover it's a reprint of something I already have with a new cover. Several of her books have been reissued this way. I admit to buying two of them without browsing through them first and was upset after I got home to find they were reprints of older works with a different title and artwork. Just a caveat for avid fans who are always waiting for the next NEW work from our favorite authors.

  2. This was to be my next post. I guess we tea girls just think alike! I have several Emilie Barnes books, also.

  3. I have the 1999 book "The Twelve Teas of Christmas" with paintings by Sandy Clough. Her work is lovely with so many pretty teacups sitting on doilies, teapots, etc. My husband is cross-stitching me a piece with a large wreath decorated with cups and saucers that is based on one of her paintings.

    The Christmas timeline info and tea party recipes are great. Thanks for your post, which caused me to pull this book off the shelf and enjoy it once more.


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