Monday, December 29, 2008

A most fun tea gift

Thanks to friends and family I received lots of nice tea gifts for Christmas, some of which I'll no doubt be sharing in the days and weeks ahead. But the most *fun* tea gift I opened this year was this Mango Mania fruit and green tea smoothie mix from my friend Leigh.

Jet Smoothies is the company which makes this yummy concoction, and after sipping my first smoothie I headed to their website to find out where I can get more. It says to check back in 2009, and since that's not too far away, I can wait. But I like a company that has a sense of humor. This notice on the package made me smile!

What makes this mix so great is that you don't need anything but ice and a blender (I used a food processor) to make it. After all the heavy sweets and treats I've had over the holidays, I was delighted to have a "light" treat to enjoy. This smoothie was every bit as delicious as any store-bought smoothie I've tried. More, actually, since I enjoyed knowing it contains green tea, I loved the delicious mango flavor, and I couldn't get over the ease with which I made it myself. Have any of you tried Jet's smoothie mix, and if so what did you think?


  1. The Jet Smoothies sound delicious. I'll check back at their website in the new year.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying your mango! I think it is quite refreshing, and my kids love it, too. The Razz-Cranberry is also a good flavor to try. The kiwi banana is okay; I couldn't get past its green color, though. Hope you have a happy New Year.

  3. I've not heard of this, but I agree - it sounds like a good antidote to the holiday feast! Do let us know if you try others.

  4. Cool straw too!!!tammyp


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