Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ice Breakers Iced Tea Mints

Tea's time in the limelight seems to have no end in sight. Every time I read a tea magazine I learn of a new tea vendor, and even the local grocery stores seem to be featuring more and more varieties of tea. Those "Ready to Drink," or RTD, bottled teas are all over my local Publix. Even the candy companies seem ready to jump on the "tea bandwagon."

In the past year I've come across green tea mints, hard candy with the flavors of both iced tea and green tea, chewing gum made with green tea, and the latest addition to the tea candy store: Ice Breakers Iced Tea Lemon flavored sugar-free mints.

I shared these with DH, who noted right off the initial taste is reminiscent of iced tea mix out of a jar, which is not a great memory for either of us. But just about a half second later and a nice lemony tea flavor appears. Rather odd, really. All I know is, I'm not that much of a mint fan, but I did actually like these mints.


  1. Iced tea mix - wow! That brings back memories of making "tea" with my grandmother! I remember how frothy this tea mix would get at the top. Interesting to have that flavor show up in a mint. Maybe they use the same stuff? :-)

  2. Hi - found this blog while looking for open stock of place setting that I saw at Whittard's of Chelsea.
    Have been checking out the archieves - interesting stuff!

    ~ Wryly

  3. Angela, you always find the most cool tea things! I'm traveling to the beach soon and will have to check in their local Publix for these.

  4. I love these lemon Ice tea flavored Ice Breakers, but trying to find them is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!, Does anyone know where we can buy them, even online is ok, I would buy a lot!

  5. I saw some in Walmart just the other day!


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