Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All that glitters is not gold

On Friday, I stopped by the Newnan Antique Mall since I hadn't been in a while and you just never know what you might find. I saw this vintage tea strainer and bowl (marked "server warmer") and thought $5 was a good price, so it went home with me. I just love to have some new tarnished piece to bring back to life. I was also surprised when the cashier said "Oh, you found a tea strainer!" I asked how she happened to know what this is, and it turns out she is a tea lover so we swapped stories and she has my business card to call me if any great new tea things come in. How cool is that - another new tea friend!

Once home, I pulled out the trusty Wright's Silver Cream and went to town. I had wondered how to keep the polish from dribbling down the wooden handle on this strainer, but it turns out the handle screws off for cleaning, so that was nice. I just love watching the tarnish disappear and the true silver color come forth.

A short while later, and I had an almost perfectly-polished tea strainer. (I see I missed a few spots, but I'll get them next time. That blob in the bottom of the strainer bowl is just ... me taking the photo!) The only bad thing is, I didn't have anything else that needed polishing.

But wait! I remembered those pretty vintage silver iced tea spoons a friend gave me a few years back. They needed polishing, and in summer it's always nice to have pretty iced tea spoons on hand. There. Do you have any silver I can come polish for you?


  1. You are a lucky girl! I went on Monday to the Antiques mall only to find it CLOSED! I was so dissapointed- Now I know why it was closed- I wasn't supposed to get that tea stainer ('cause you know that if I'd seen it first I would have gotten it) You were suppose to find it.- Oh! The sadness!
    I will relish the thought that maybe, just maybe the next time I go in, there will be a "prize" waiting for me. :(

  2. I love to polish silver. I've found so many good pieces at garage sales and Goodwill and they are usually quite inexpensive.

    I keep hearing the same thing at garage sales, people are selling them because they don't want to have to keep them polished.

    As for me (especially when I'm having a day I'm not feeling well), I love to sit down with a few pieces (with a towel on me to protect clothing... lesson learned the hard way) and polish away.

  3. So pretty and shiny and new (sort of). Love it!

  4. Polishing can really spruce things up! Years ago I was rummaging through a thrift shop and came across a small candlestick that was black with tarnish, and it only cost $2. After taking it home and giving it a good polish, I uncovered the word "sterling" on the bottom, and realized I had found quite a prize for the price. Ever since then, I've always looked forward to polishing!
    ~~Carol in So Cal

  5. So happy to hear I'm not the only one who actually *enjoys* polishing silver!

  6. Angela, I'll leave all my silver on the kitchen table for you - feel free to help yourself to a cup of tea while you're here. LOL

  7. I must make a trip to Newnan Antique Mall soon. Of course, all the nice tea things will be snapped up since you have inside information now. ;=) I have to agree that it can be fun and relaxing to polish silver.

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