Friday, May 23, 2008

Tea leaves and Tallstirs

With the Memorial Day weekend coming up, I know I'll be making a pitcher or two of iced tea to enjoy over the next few days. And to stir the sweetener into that tea (if needed), I'll be using some new teaspoons I found on eBay courtesy of a b'day eBay gift card from DH. I seem to have been talking about the tea leaf every day this week, but today's tea leaf is actually the shape of the bowl of these teaspoons.

These vintage aluminum teaspoons, still in the original box, are called Tallstirs. I wanted the gold ones, but if you're into bright, retro kitchen colors, you might like to know these also come in the bright turquoise, pink and other colors that match the aluminum tumblers that were once so popular.

New tea accoutrements are always welcome at this house, but I especially like to find new "old" accoutrements, and I love the label on the back of this box: "The Finest Products Made With Aluminum Are Made With Reynolds Aluminum." However you take your tea this weekend, and whatever you choose to stir it with, I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day!


  1. Wow - those are just the neatest spoons! SO cool!

  2. Those are so cool! I'm off to ebay to search for some!

  3. Those teaspoons are very elegant looking. They will really dress up a tall glass of iced tea.

  4. I had a set of those tallstirs, still in the box, on ebay and no one even looked at them. If someone would like them, contact me...I'm real cheap...and they are antiques!

  5. angela- if you still want GOLD tallstirs, I may have what you're looking for, still in box. contact me :


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