Friday, May 30, 2008

Tadpoles & Teatime

There's a new addition to my collection of tea infusers, and boy, is it an odd one: The Tadpole Spoon with Tea Strainer. (And can I just say that I object to it being called a "strainer" and not an "infuser"? I had a hard enough time learning that distinction. Don't confuse me!)

I'd seen this infuser on eBay for what I thought was too much moolah, but when the price came way down, to $1.49, I bought one. This comes in several pastel colors, and I preferred the yellow-green. Someone in marketing apparently thinks it is a real draw to have a tea infuser shaped like a tadpole. Wouldn't you like to have been in on that discussion!

Trying the new accoutrement for the first time, I scooped up some Mango Tango tea from The Tea Spot and waited for the water to boil. Those holes in that infuser looked mighty large ...

And so, no surprise, there was some spillage of tea leaves into the cup, but I've actually been developing my avoiding-drinking-the-tea-leaves skills, so that didn't worry me. What does worry me is the realization that I just plunged an unmarked piece of Chinese plastic into a cup of boiling water, and over the long term that might not be such a good thing. But at least I can say I've tried the Tadpole Spoon with Tea Strainer Infuser, and I have a nice little collectible for the tea cabinet.


  1. Looks a little scary to me. I think the display shelf would be where I would put it as well. :-)

  2. Well, it is cute. But I agree with you about the potential health safety issue. I have been more wary of plastics in recent years - thought I do still work alot with shrink plastic as a craft form.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. It is a bit odd!

  4. Lately I've heard bad things about heat and plastic. One involved drinking bottled water that has sat in a hot vehicle - a big no no! You are wise to keep the tadpole for display only.


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