Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Gift of Display Teas

One afternoon last week, the receptionist buzzed me to say I had a package downstairs. I wasn't expecting anything, but occasionally publishers send books for possible review, so I figured that's what this might be. This package, however, was a box much too large for a book, so I headed upstairs trying to guess what was inside. To my great surprise, a friend had quite unexpectedly sent me a thank-you gift for giving her a job lead, and it was the Numi Dancing Leaves Teapot and five flowering teas.

Although I often splurge on teacups, I don't often treat myself to a new teapot, and this is one of the sweetest, cutest glass teapots I've ever seen. It is just perfect for brewing two cups of tea. (I'm calling it "The Brenda" in honor of my friend.) The great thing about display teas is that you can get two or three steepings from the same pot.

The names of the tea bundles alone are just delightful: Flower Jewel, Starlight Rose, Dragon Lily, Emerald Sun and Golden Jasmine. Isn't it just amazing that Chinese artisans handsew these tea leaves into compact little bundles that somehow know to blossom into gorgeous teas? I made the Dragon Lily white tea first, and it was just delicious. I'll try them all eventually, but for now I'm just enjoying using this very thoughtful gift from a friend. Have you all tried display teas? And if so, what did you think of them?


  1. What a wonderful thank you gift. I have admired the flowering tea in several of the tea catalogs that I receive, but I have never tried them. Since I already have a couple of clear teapots, I must order some soon.

    Thank you for the photos. The tea does look lovely after it has bloomed.

  2. What a deightful thank you gift!

    I have been intrigued by the flowering teas yet have not acutally bought them as they are pricey. Now that I know I can get two to three steepings with each bag I just may spurge on them.
    They really are lovely.

  3. I like your blog today, but I like your new headline too. I thought I had opened the wrong blog site at first. Very lovely.


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