Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celebrating Spring!

It's the first day of Spring, and like many of you I'll be moseying on over to the ParTea Planner blog today to see how other tea lovers are celebrating the arrival of this loveliest of seasons. I decided to celebrate by pulling out my Royal Winton Welbeck chintz, my most favorite tea set. Did any of you, like me, get on the chintz bandwagon back when Victoria magazine was promoting this pattern? I'll have to tell you about that adventure someday!

Yesterday was our annual Easter luncheon at work, and I made Lemon Bars. Sunny yellow lemons, sunny yellow teawares ... I rather think that yellow could well be named the official color of Spring!

Lots of cookbooks have recipes for Lemon Bars, but the one I used came from the Spring 2008 issue of life:beautiful magazine. I am really enjoying this magazine, and issue three is definitely a winner. In addition to the nice feature on lemon desserts, there is a piece about a bluebird-themed brunch that has some pretty and unique ideas. Here's a snippet: "The time of darkness is over, and even the birds and flowers rejoice as God smiles on His people. Celebrate this joyous day of rebirth with family and friends around a beautiful table." (And isn't that a great cover?)


  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Your chintz tea set is beautiful. I also love chintz. I have a teapot and four cups and saucers in "Bethany" pattern. It is pale yellow with lots of pretty pink roses. Sure wish I had kept all my old Victoria magazines.

    The Life: Beautiful magazine looks like one I would enjoy. I'll look for it today. Thanks for all the great photos and information.

  2. mmmmm....yumm! I really love this chintz! And you have matching napkins! How cool!

  3. Hey Angela,
    Got my Life:Beautiful magazine a couple of weeks ago. Made the Lemon Roll for a lunch--way yummy. It was the first *roll* i have ever done, i was surprised at how easy it was. I did have to alter the filling recipe and add eggs to get it thick, other than that ALL enjoyed it. This addition was a breath of fresh spring air to me. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday celebration!!!! HE IS RISEN--tammyp

  4. ParTea Lady, I'm so happy to hear there are other chintz fans! Steph, my mom made those napkins from fabric we found at JoAnn about 10 years ago. Wish I'd bought a bolt of it! Tammy P, I am hankering to try that Lemon Roll myself, so I'm very happy for your technique tips. And a very Happy Easter to you, too!

  5. love your tea setting..and the lemon bars look yummy. I too think yellow is such a sunshiney/lovely color. I have never seen the magazine looks rather interesting.
    hope you'll stop by and see my little tea setting.

  6. As soon as I saw your lovely chintz, I remembered it from the pages of Victoria. The magazine looks like a great read. Love your blog!

  7. Hey Angela,
    It is egg yolks only that i added-5 of them!!! Sorry i made it sound like whole eggs. Hope yours turns out yummy too!!!! I loved your nests by the way ;^)-tammyp

  8. I love your chintz tea party setting, so romantic and pretty. I enjoyed going thru your blog too, it is very nice.


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