Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A match made in Heaven

The trio sitting atop this plate is not a match, but wow, it's close, isn't it? Many Christmases ago, my mother gave me a box that contained the pink Depression glass I was collecting at the time. I set it aside until I needed to use the pink wares for a tea, I believe, and when I unpacked the glassware months later, I realized my mother had also included eight dinner plates just like the one at the bottom of the stack here. It's called "Primuline" by Homer Laughlin, and I've not yet come across a matching teacup and saucer.

So when I was at my friend Patti's last week and saw the unmarked trio with the bands of pale green, I just had to have it. It's not a match, but I am still delighted to have found it. In fact, I looked at her and said, "You don't happen to have seven more of these, do you?" (She didn't, but she is, seriously, going to ask her sister!)

I've had trouble remembering the name "Primuline" when I'm out and about, so this week, I told myself that "Primuline" is not a very "prim and proper" looking pattern. We'll see if that helps! And now, I'm going to have to memorize this coordinating unmarked pattern so that if I run across it or Primuline, I'll know precisely what I'm looking for!


  1. Beautiful pattern,wonderful "match"! The soft green is lovely, and the flowers on the plate are very similar to a design on HL teacups I've had for years.

    Plus the teapot and trivet are super!

  2. Those go together beautifully. And that Primuline pattern is so pretty. Nice match!

  3. I really like both of those patterns, and they DO go so well together. I think most people wouldn't even notice that they were different. Good luck in finding a matching tea cup and saucer!

  4. They look lovely together. Enjoy!


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