Monday, March 19, 2018

Time for some teatime herbs

I believe the danger of frost has past, so that meant it was time to get going on some teatime garden projects for the new year. Fresh herbs for teatime sipping and cooking were definitely on my radar, so I made a visit to the Walmart garden center and picked up three pots of herbs to go in my teacup planter. The planter has become cracked on one side and may not make it another year, so I'm going to be on the lookout for another one just like it.

I purchased two mint plants, including this spearmint …

… and this chocolate mint (oh, does it smell yummy) …

And a pot of rosemary. I cannot seem to walk past a rosemary plant without touching it, crushing a few leaves, and sniffing my fingers because I love the scent so much. No wonder there's the saying "rosemary for remembrance."

Have plant tags, will study. Have you planted any teatime herbs this spring? I imagine my friends up north have not, but some of you in warmer climes probably have!


  1. The threat of frost has not passed here, in fact it is supposed to be 27 degrees Weds. night. We don't usually plant outside until after Mother's Day. But I think having pots of these herbs is a great idea, I do love fresh mint in iced tea. Enjoy them all!

  2. Good luck with your herbs! I live in an apartment with no balcony, and my previous attempts to grow herbs inside have not been successful. But if I did have outdoor gardening space, I wouldn't have planted any herbs yet, as we've had a cold March and are predicted to have snow the next two days!
    --from Vernona in DC

  3. Here is Fresno, California my rosemary bush is permanent, it is at least 4 feet tall and mint would take over if not confined. Having mint is a must! My Mexican grandmother always had it growing, she called it yerba buena, translated it's good plant. If we had a tummy ache she put a few sprigs into water to boil then served it warm with a little sugar and milk. It did the job of soothing us. I've served it to friends who prefer no caffeine tea and they enjoy it. You will love it, even without sugar and milk.

  4. Ahh! Just posted a comment and then noticed the spearmint says yerba buena!

    1. And I had meant to look up the translation of those words, so your comment was quite helpful! Thanks, Donna!

  5. I have not planted anything yet. A few snowflakes may be in our forecast late Tuesday or early Wednesday. I’m on the lookout for a new teacup planter. Mine broke last year.

  6. I haven't yet. We usually buy in late April, early May as we are still getting cold nights. Hope you find a new planter.

  7. I adore herb gardens of all shapes and sizes! Like you, I cannot pass by without swiping my hands through them. I prefer to purchase organically-grown plants when possible. They do make for easy and enjoyable teas.


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