Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Some new tea from a new shop!

Several years ago, I learned from tea friend Denise about a new tea company in Huntsville, Alabama, called Piper & Leaf. I've not yet made it to the shop in Huntsville, but fortunately, the tea company has come to me! A new shop called Local Provisions recently opened in downtown Newnan, and they carry Piper & Leaf Tea!

I saw the display and wanted everything on it!

But I'll allow myself only one tea purchase at a time, and I started with the tea I've most wanted to try, their Front Porch Special blend. It contains black tea, spearmint, cornflowers, jasmine, and bergamot.

Think Earl Grey, but softer. I loved the scent of this tea, the sight of this tea, and most of all, the lovely, delicate flavor of this tea. Count me as the newest fan of Piper & Leaf — and Local Provisions!


  1. Oh, that sounds so good! Those are some of my favorite tea flavors. Unfortunately, right now I'm having to restrict caffeine, so I'm stuck with herbal teas and a decaffeinated Earl Gray now and then. :-( But I'm glad you found this new shop and can enjoy this tea. Have a cup for me, ok?

  2. This tea looks so pretty. I went to Amazon to see if they carry Piper and Leaf and they do. Now I'm in trouble....!!!!!!!!

  3. You’re so lucky to have these exciting teashops... and with fresh leaves... so beautifully displayed...It makes me want to make my own tea... as we don’t have anything like ‘ PIPER AND LEAF” , however ..It’s such fun to journey with you.. Who know’s I may travel down that way some time ...I but ... n the meantime it’s been a lovely teatime chat.... Thanks for sharing.

  4. The packaging of Piper and Leaf teas is very striking, in those interesting cloth bags. I also like their logo, with the teapot atop a samovar (I've very fond of samovars and have two--one antique brass Russian one and a modern one.)
    --from Vernona in DC

  5. Sounds like a nice tea and it's pretty too! I'll look forward to you trying other flavors and sharing them with us.


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