Friday, March 23, 2018

Ada Mae's Teacup

Just about this time a year ago, my sister and I were getting ready to have a yard sale together, and I learned she was getting rid of some teacups that had belonged to her husband's grandmother, Ada Mae. She told me I could take all of them I wanted, but I showed (for me) great restraint and took only this one, featuring a daffodil design in a shape of teacup I'd long admired.

The pattern is so pretty and springlike, isn't it!

I am now especially glad I accepted the gift, because Ada Mae passed away recently at age 92, and I love having this pretty teacup to remember her by. When my brother-in-law shared this picture of his late grandmother (second from left), I was charmed! I hadn't seen her in at least five years, but I have fond memories of her visits from Texas to Georgia at the holidays back when she was able. She was a pretty white-haired lady the entire time I knew her, so it's fun to see her as a brunette and wearing such a fabulous outfit back in her younger days. And so today, I lift my teacup in honor of … Ada Mae!


  1. That teacup is beautiful, and the memories of your Aunt Ada Mae is so very special.

  2. Lovely post, Angela. The clock ticks swiftly, and the older I get the more aware of it I become. The teacup is beautiful and a perfect remembrance of Ada Mae.

  3. I love that photo--everybody looks so elegant. I wonder what they were dressed up for? Old family photos are so interesting, even if you don't know the people.
    I'm glad you included the close-up of the teacup design. Now I can see that not only does the cup have narcissus, but also iris, pussy willows, and maybe the blue one is clematis. I can't tell what the pink flowers are, but the combination of flowers does look very nice on that interestingly-shaped cup. I'm sure Aunt Ada Mae would be happy to know that you think of her whenever you see her lovely teacup.
    --from Vernona in DC

  4. That is a beautiful cup! Cherish the memories.

  5. Dear Angela:
    You sure have a beauty there and it is so perfect for spring. I am sure she would be so pleased knowing it is still admired and loved!

  6. Gorgeous teacup and beautiful picture.

  7. What a beautiful tribute and gorgeous cup and saucer.

  8. May that attractive gal rest in peace.

    What a wonderful story, so so happy you have one of her collectibles! ♥


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