Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tea Room Postcard #19 -- The Frances Virginia Tea Room (Atlanta, Ga.)

Atlanta's Frances Virginia Tea Room had closed by the time I was born, but I almost feel like I know the tea room anyway because I've heard so many wonderful stories about it. Through the years I happened to become friends with a niece of one of the tea room's partners, and in my area, lots of sweet memories of "The Frances Virginia" get shared among the ladies-who-lunch set. Several years ago I wrote about a luncheon where memories of this tea room were shared.

This Frances Virginia postcard was mailed to Mrs. Winnie B. Carroll of Beaumont, Texas in 1940 and reads, "Sunday - Enjoyed your letter. I'll write you in a few days from Anniston. We are dashing about getting our X.Y.Z.'s together, so we can get away early this afternoon. I wrote a letter to all of you the other day - write us at Anniston, Love (A.V.S. or A.O.L. or something like that!). Question: I've heard of dotting your i's and crossing your t's, and I've heard of minding your p's and q's, but I've never heard of getting your X.Y.Z.'s together. Have you?


  1. x,y,z is a new one for me. I know I've said this before, but I really do enjoy your "tea" postcards!

  2. This is so neat and I am going now to read up on your old post about the stories/memories at this delightful shop.

    If I feel YOU certainly must...but I get a deeply sad ache when I ever learn about a tea shop closing - even one so long ago.....just "death to an age" and it is an age I never ever want to see go away.

    I yearn for beauty,feminine, classic and polite society and a slowing of this rat race. Every time a tea house closes it gets farther from us.

    So go our there and go to tea, ladies and gents! Keep call our struggling tea houses open!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Angela.

  3. I've never heard that expression either! But I like it. I wish this tea room was still open, I would love to go there! I bet my grandmother did, she lived in Atlanta for many years.

  4. Love tea time & ladies who lunch!

  5. Would have loved to have gone to tea there! Great series, Angela.

  6. Have not heard of the X Y Z's, but knew what she meant somehow. Your postcards are always so fun to see.


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