Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valentine's Vignette

With your indulgence, I wanted to share one more photo of a vintage Valentine this week, only this one was three-dimensional so I couldn't simply put it on the scanner.
It's this pretty lass with a honeycomb teapot. This type of vintage Valentine had long been on my wish list, so I was very happy to find it. (Later, I saw the same Valentine online but with a fellow at left. My Valentine doesn't appear to be torn on the left, so I'm wondering if perhaps they made two different versions.)

And it's too small to read in the top photo, so here's a closeup of the sweet message. Someone asked the other day where I find my vintage Valentines. Well, I think I've found them all online, primarily eBay and Etsy. And my best advice is: Look for them long before Valentine's Day! I've paid between $1 and $3 for the vast majority of mine, so when I saw the same ones I have selling for $7-$17 last week, I wanted to cry out, "Nooooo! Wait for a bargain, people!" Now that Valentine's is over for the year, I'll be on the lookout for next year's Valentines to share.

Did you notice my sweet new tea cozy? Mary Jane made this for me out of some fabric she once won in one of my Valentine's Week giveaways! What a fine surprise this was!

And it's reversible, too, which is like getting two tea cozies in one! (She tells me she used a pattern from Marmalady's, so if your sewing skills are up to hers go here to order a pattern for yourself!)

Coming tomorrow: A most interesting venue for Valentine's Tea with my husband!


  1. Love the vignette. I have loved honeycomb things since for at least hald a century - we always had honeycomb decorations for birthdays and Christmas.I'll have to check ebay.
    Hope you had a sweet (tea) valentine day.

  2. Cute tea cozy! I also found a patten for one from either McCalls or Simplicity several years ago. It's very similar, but don't know if it is still in their current line.♥♫

  3. I've enjoyed seeing your vintage Valentine's, thank you for sharing them. This one is indeed special. And your tea cosy is adorable!

  4. Thanks for such a fun week of vals!
    My favorite is day one. The pink kitten is so adorable.

    That's a really neat honeycomb val. I love your teapot cozy! The material is so darling and what a lovely gift.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful blog week!
    Love, Carol B.

  5. I love this Valentine & thanks for the tip on finding them ourselves!

    I am always full of questions & your tea cozy gives me another one. I've seen a lot of cozies where the handle & spout are not covered? Do you like how well these keep your tea hot? I would think they'd lose a lot of heat through the spout especially. I'd love to hear your opinion & maybe see some examples of your favorite cozies..maybe even a series if one post would not be enough.

    My favorite cozy has some kind of lining between the fabric so I can't wash it. But it makes my tea even hotter after I've put it over my pot. I usually use it with teabags & not loose tea. I take the bags out when it's steeped as long as I want then recover with the cozy. It's keeps it hot for a good hour or two.

  6. Ooh, cute tea cosy. Looking forward to hearing about your Valentine's Day teatime.

  7. How sweet is that honeycomb valentine? And the tea cozy is adorable! Just a note to let you know I received my tea towel in the mail today!! It is so cute! Hubby has already claimed it. The card is beautiful and will probably sample the tea tonight...Thank you for a wonderful valentine week!

    Blessings to you,

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting the link to the tea cozy pattern! I've been looking for one just like that for quite awhile, without success! Heidi T.

  9. What a pretty Valentine! The girl reminds me of the Campbell's Soup kids.

  10. Love that tea cozy - and how neat, it's also reversible! The fabric colors are so vibrant, I love how a black background can really makes things 'pop!' Your Valentine Week was so much fun, Angela - thank you,

  11. How fun to see the tea cozy. I love it. Mary Jane did a wonderful job. Thanks for mentioning Marmalady's.

    from the Marmalady Girl

  12. So glad that you like your tea cozy, Angela. It was fun to make it and I loved making it from the fabric I won on your blog and using the pattern I won on Marilyn's blog.

    Your honeycomb Valentine is so sweet. It is amazing that it is in such wonderful condition. Your Valentine Collection is very special and I thank you again for sharing your treasures with us.

    Mary Jane

  13. Fun valentine! Beautiful tea cozy!


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