Friday, February 17, 2012

A Tea Room glass imposter?

A few months back, my mother and I were in an antique mall in north Georgia when we both walked in and spotted this clear glass vase or pot that is now home to a Christmas cactus. It was about three feet inside the door, and I quickly picked it up. "Is that what I think it is?" asked my mom.

"I don't know," I said. "But it sure looks like it, doesn't it?" What we were both referring to was the fact this design sure seems to mirror the lines of my beloved Tea Room Depression Glass. You can see a clear glass tumbler here and a pink glass teacup here. The stairstep sides are *quite* similar!

But ... my Depression Glass books don't show that a Tea Room glass piece was made in this particular shape, and besides, the glass looks a little wonky and wavy on the bottom, something I don't see in my other pieces. So, it's a bit of a mystery. Was someone trying to reproduce the Tea Room pattern on this piece, or was the design a coincidence? At any rate, for $5.99 I decided it needed to come home with me, and as my mom pointed out, it will be nice to blend in with my other pieces!


  1. Oh neat mystery!!!!!

    Now, perhaps it was an outcast second? Is that possible? Maybe an apprentice piece not-quite-up-to-snuff????

    Regardless, your mother gave good advice...and it DOES play with your others quite well.

    Nice educational post once again. Thank you!

    Have a tea-lightful weekend!

  2. Good thing you brought it home, it could also have been very valuable. At least you can mix it in with your other pieces and who will know?

  3. Whether it's the Tea Room Depression Glass pattern or not, it's a beautiful place for your
    Christmas cactus to reside. It looks elegant sitting on the table, and at a bargain price!

  4. This is an interesting mystery, but for $5.99, I totally understand your reasoning for bringing it home! I have just about gone bonkers over my research of clear Sandwich Pattern Glass. I have a few pieces I can't identify as any of the known manufacturer. But, like you I still bring them home. :-)

  5. Now you will have the classiest plant around.

  6. And I like it with the plant in it. It is pretty. I have always been told to buy what you like whether it is worth anything or not.

  7. That is such a pretty piece, Angela -
    you did the right thing, bringing it home. The plant looks beautiful in it. Joanie


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