Monday, January 2, 2012

Tea & New Year's Resolutions

Oh, how I love the gift of a new year! I'm both an optimist (usually) and a list maker (always), so the dawn of each new year finds me full of hopes and dreams and plans for the year ahead. All I need is a nice cup of tea and a few journals and calendars!

I'll bet I'm not the only one who's hanging up the new Collectible Teapot & Tea Calendar this year, am I? Do you always look to see what the photo is for your birth month? May gets a pink transferware teapot and pink roses this year, I was happy to see!

I have two "tea resolutions" this year: 1) Drink the good stuff first. You know the phrase "life is short, eat dessert first"? Well, I have been guilty of saving "the good tea" and drinking my lesser desired teas first. What ends up happening is that I forget about the good, fresh tea, so I'm not enjoying it as I should! That needs to change. 2) I am going to try keeping a list of all the different teas I try this year. Not each and every cup, mind you, because that would be ludicrous, but each time I receive a new sample or acquire a new box or tin of tea, I am going to note it in the lovely Dollar Tree journal (at left) I found last year. My coolest journal purchase of the year was the blue five-year "One Line a Day" Memory Book at right. Actually, it's more like "six lines a day" if you count them, but I love noting just a teeny snippet about what happens each day of the year. Have you made any resolutions, tea-related or otherwise? Please share!


  1. Oh Angela, what a good idea to keep track of the teas you drink. And yes, drink the good stuff first! I cannot stand a pot of stale tea. I will post my resolutions later today. happy New Year!!!

  2. Quite the appropriate tea cup to start a new year, clean and crisp. Please share your calendar pictures as the months go by for those of us who don't have a copy of the calendar.

    A Happy and Blessed New Year to You and Yours!

  3. Great idea to track the teas Angela. The only food related resolution I've made is to try a new recipe every week.
    Interesting calendar and I too hope you'll share the monthly photos.

  4. Those are great goals! Happy 2012!

  5. Great ideas. I've decided to drink the good stuff first as well. I really like the idea of a tea journal - I forget what teas I've tried & what brands I didn't like. I may need to do that as well.

  6. My birth month has the Depression-era Buttercup service. I see they featured one of the Mariage Freres teapots I was telling you about - love the shape. I almost forgot to order a Teapot calendar (my favorite) this year (thank goodness for Amazon Prime).

    Love the idea of keeping a tea list - I'll have to start doing this too.

  7. Hi Angela,

    I am from Portugal and would like to know where can get these note books online?

    Thanks and reads.


  8. I haven't made any resolutions this year. With the new baby coming soon I haven't had time. :-)

  9. good luck with your resolutions, they are great ideas! I love your calendar and btw my Mom LOVED the book...just LOVED it!

  10. Great ideas, Angela. I have been reading that (medically speaking) folks that are thankful for their blessings (and who have a 'positive attitude') often fare better with health issues, when health issues arise.
    It seems that a positive attitude is a good thing, for many reasons.
    My resolution is to walk more this year. Hope you have a wonderful new year, Joanie

  11. I hadn't looked at my birthday month, but now I have. I love the May one, though it isn't my month.

  12. Beautiful calendar!
    You always have the best ideas for organizing and keeping journals!
    Happy New Year to all!
    Love, Carol B.

  13. Martha, the journal came from a local dollar store, but the calendar and five-year journal are available through Good luck!


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