Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Herbal Essences with Citrus Blossom & Green Tea

Last week's list of must-have grocery items included new shampoo and conditioner, and since the Herbal Essences brand was on sale I looked through the different choices to see if anything struck my fancy.

Naturally, I had to try the ones with Citrus Blossom & Green Tea!

Both products do indeed contain camellia sinensis leaf extract, so that was a plus. And the scent is just incredible, a strong (but pleasing) floral. While the shampoo and conditioner were not quite as thick as I like, for aromatherapy reasons alone I'm happy I gave these products a try. If you've tried them, I'd like to hear your review!


  1. I think when I do go shopping my mind is on getting it done and outta there, so I just forget to look. You find the most interesting tea related things.

  2. I'll have to give these a try. Ever since Dove changed the formula on the Green Tea and Cucumber shampoo, I've been looking for new things to try.


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