Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When in Rome ...

After reading the book about two tea-loving women from Rome, Ga. last week, I thought it was rather ironic that my mom wanted to go antiquing in Rome on Saturday. But I enjoy visiting the antique malls and shops in the Rome area, and in one of them I came across an item I have actually been needing, a new Bible cover. I have never seen one with teacups on it before, so I was tickled to find this one with teacups by Sandy Lynam Clough. And for just $4, too!

I always enjoy finding inexpensive tea tins. I was amused that this one was marked $2.50 "Firm." Rats. I was going to see if they'd take $2.25, but oh well ...

We also came across a yard sale with a solid white Santa mug (which needs cleaning) for a quarter. The other one was a piece my mom had already picked up for me elsewhere, so it was free (to me).

Oddly, very oddly, my favorite find of the weekend was this pair of vintage turkey planters. I don't guess I'd ever thought about vintage decor for *Thanksgiving* so I was delighted to find these. Love them and can't even explain why. It was $6.50 for the pair, which I thought was a good price. So when in Rome, I did as the Romans do: I shopped!


  1. I love those turkeys. Great finds.

  2. Me too, I love the turkey planters! We collect turkey figurines at our house.

  3. I love those old turkey planters!
    Can't wait to see how you will use them !

  4. I also would love the turkey planters, but your other finds also delightful.

  5. Great finds, Angela! Enjoy them all, Joanie

  6. Great antiquing finds. The artwork on your Bible cover is so pretty.


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