Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teacup Exchange at Holly Cottage

It was a dark and stormy afternoon in much of Georgia yesterday, but I had a good time anyway participating in the first Teacup Exchange at Newnan's beloved Holly Cottage Tearoom! Ironically enough, I had made a solo reservation for myself but soon found out my friend Teresa had signed up for the same time. Then, I found out my friend and co-worker Deberah wanted to go, and by the time I got an e-mail from Maureen asking if I had plans to attend, I realized we had a great foursome in the works. All of us are bloggers (that's actually how I first met Maureen and Teresa), so from left we have Teresa of Southern Touch Catering, me, Maureen of Tea and Talk, and Deberah of Everyday Finesse.

The Teacup Exchange was a fun idea in and of itself, but I especially liked that half the proceeds would be going to a local ministry I support, Coweta Pregnancy Services. CPS not only helps women in crisis pregnancies, which is great, but it also provides lots of support to women *after* the baby is born, meeting needs of every kind. I think that is an important part of these ministries, so I was thrilled to hear my favorite tearoom was having a benefit for a favorite ministry! For $9.95, we got a pot of tea of our choice, the tearoom's famous Yorkshire Loaf (already eaten by photo time, sorry), a scone with lemon curd, preserves and clotted cream, and a fresh fruit cup.

So what teacups did we all end up with? Well, Teresa got an oversized Christmas cup and saucer from Spode.

Maureen got a Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles cup and saucer.

Deberah got a set with pink roses and ivy.

And I am always happy when I receive a cup and saucer with pink flowers -- especially if it's a design I've never had before, and this one was. So the rain and storms may have swirled outside, but I can certainly report that hearts were happy inside!


  1. I hope to be at the one in November!

  2. That was so much fun! I really enjoyed the tea and the company.

  3. What a wonderful treat! Lunch for a good cause and you go home with a teacup! Brilliant!

  4. What a great idea! A good cause, good fellowship and good food - you can't do better than that. Joanie

  5. What a delightful way to spend an afternoon. Hope I will be able to attend again in November.

  6. What a fun fundraiser. I would have loved that one.

  7. What fun ! Teacup treasure and
    memories ! sort of like Christmas in October!


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