Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sampling East Pacific Tea Co. teas

It's always fun to try teas from a new tea company, so I was quite happy when a package arrived from the East Pacific Tea Co. a few days ago. This firm is one I'd not heard of, but I certainly plan to be a customer now. And happily, their website says they have free shipping this fall! Hurrah! So here are some mini-reviews of the first three of the teas I tried.

First I had their Foreign Affair blend, a rooibos tea which "features buds from flowers of the Provence region in France. This rooibos tea is the most deliciously aromatic combination currently offered." Rooibos tea is such a pretty tea, and this one had a combination of elements that was pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Flavored rooibos teas such as this one are good as dessert teas, and Foreign Affair had a wonderfully sweet and complex flavor. A very, very enjoyable rooibos!

Next I tried Bengal Beauty, a fluffy looking white Darjeeling said to hail "from the rich soils of the Indian mountains. The subtle taste and delicate scent of this rare tea makes it one of India’s best kept secrets." Thank goodness I got over my initial shock at learning there was such a thing as a green Darjeeling a while back or else I'd have really been shocked by the very idea of a white Darjeeling! This one surprised me with the depth and richness of its flavor, and it had that "brothy" texture I've come to enjoy in good teas. Very much enjoyed the Bengal Beauty (and I like the name, too!).

Ginger Snap Puerh? Why not! This one is billed as having "a nice strong taste … complimented by the addition of ginger root and orange peel in this deliciously spicy organic tea blend." Surely this is the puerh that will convince those who think they don't like puerh tea to give it a try! A very delicious blend, and my fall allergies are also grateful for that zip from the ginger in this one. Yum! So thanks for the samples, East Pacific Tea Co. You've got me hooked!


  1. Enjoyed hearing about these new teas. That Bengal Beauty white Darjeeling certainly sounds good.

    I really like ginger, so maybe that would convince me to try Puerh again. ;-)

  2. Thanks for a great review - these sound like delicious teas! Joanie

  3. The Darjeeling sounds good and the last one with the ginger, yummmm! How fun to get samples in the mail.

  4. Sounds like great teas. I've never heard of this company, I'll check out their website. Speaking of new teas, did you try the H&S cinnamon tea I sent you? I finished the last of mine so I'll have to get more.

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