Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink glass discoveries old and new

Now that I've jumped into collecting Depression Glass thanks to my new Tea Room pattern sugar and creamer (shown here), I've been looking for old pink glass everywhere, at home and abroad. After looking for a pink Depression Glass cup and saucer set I could afford, I found this Sharon/Cabbage Rose pattern set at a local antique shop the other day for just $8.99. I celebrated with a cup of a favorite tea, Harney's Cranberry Autumn blend. This tea says "fall" to me!

Aren't the roses on this pattern pretty? I didn't know this at the time I bought it, but this has long been one of my mom's favorite Depression Glass patterns as well. And I always associate this Cabbage Rose pattern with my friend Elizabeth in Arkansas (not the Elizabeth I wrote about earlier this week!). She started collecting it many years ago and had quite a few pieces. This Elizabeth is the mother of a friend of mine, and we share a love of antiques. I'll never forget the time she looked at me over her glasses and said, "Now Angela, when I'm gone, DON'T let Melissa sell this for a quarter apiece at some yard sale, OK?" (I assured her I would not.)

This pretty 10-1/2-inch plate is a piece I already owned, a Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago, and I didn't learn until recently that it is the Depression Glass pattern Old Colony/Lace Edged. I am still just stunned that the glass "lace" border is intact on a glassware pattern made from 1935-1938.

These two sherbet dishes are pieces I picked up at a junk shop near Mobile last summer. I wanted some cute dishes for serving fruit, and these footed ones were just $3. Turns out, these are Coronation pattern Depression Glass pieces, and one source says the name is because a coronation was going on in England when this line was first launched in 1936.

Another Christmas gift from my parents, this Tiara snack set is part of a set of 10 and features a small glass, not a teacup, set into the indentation on the oval plate. Interestingly, I think, Tiara calls this color "peach," but I call it pink. I can remember going to a Tiara home party with my mother back in the seventies -- and wish *those* parties were still going on today! This isn't Depression Glass, but it sure mixes well with my other pink pieces. I'm currently reading a book about collecting Depression Glass, so hopefully I'll learn lots more about this unique glassware very soon!


  1. I love your photos! Great angles - they show off the designs so well. I like how the different glassware patterns can all mix together. I'm enjoying this collection - if I see any pieces, I'll give you a 'heads up!'

    ps: Your comment from your friends Mom, about 'not' selling her treasures at a yard sale for a quarter, hit home with me:
    my husband just refers to 'my treasures' as 'oh, those old tea cups & saucers...' I told one of my sisters about the 'value' of some of the covered casserole bowls and tea pots and I said, 'when I'm gone, make sure these aren't sold in a yard sale, for heavens sake!'
    Have a great day, Joanie

  2. Love today's blog! Well actually I enjoy everyday's, but today's is especially relevant because I collect pink Depression Glass -- particularly the Sharon pattern.

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your depression glass. It's beautiful plus I like thinking about the people who owned it before me.

  4. Your pink Depression Glass is very pretty. What a great collectible and I know you will really enjoy the hunt for more pieces. ;-)

    Elizabeth's comment is funny - I urge my daughters to hire an estate sale specialist and not go the yard sale route.

  5. I love, love pink depression glass. My aunt has a huge collection and I did a tea party for her. It's the prettiest one I've ever done.

    I think you should plan now to come to the NW tea fest next year!

  6. Great collecting and tea pairing! They are very pretty!

  7. The pink depression glass is pretty. I've seen the odd piece here in Ontario at antique markets.

  8. How pretty! I'll have to try your favorite fall tea next time I place a H&S order.

  9. Shame on you! Tempting me to buy more. I have tons of the green Depression glass, but now I have been tempted with the pink too. I have my first piece that is a pedestal dish, Old Colony piece. I love all the pieces I see here and can't wait to go looking again. They look so pretty on a tea table.


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