Thursday, October 7, 2010

A new "Teashop Series" begins

Some years ago I decided to try my hand at writing an inspirational romance novel built around a heroine and a tea room. It was dreadful, and it is no doubt a good thing that this sad little effort never saw the light of day. Therefore it was with a mixture of both admiration and utter, consuming jealousy that I learned about Trish Perry's new release for Harvest House Publishers, "The Perfect Blend," Book One in her new Teashop Series. I must say it is perfectly delightful, and I'll eagerly look forward to reading other books in this terrific new series!

The heroine of "Perfect Blend" is one of the most accidentally charming characters I've come across in ages. Steph Vandergrift says goodbye to her life in Baltimore and heads to Virginia where she has decided to elope with her fiancé Rick, but she arrives in the small town only to find her man has stood her up and left town with no explanation. She's burned quite a few bridges back home and can't imagine going back, so she ends up crying on the steps of her (former) beau's law office wondering what to do with herself. Fortunately, a kind tea shop owner named Millicent crosses the street to rescue Steph and the story takes wing.

Steph is a bit of a bumbler, the sort of woman who sticks her foot in her mouth and can't quite seem to help stepping into trouble. I love that, because perfect women make me nervous! She decides she'll go ahead and stay in town for a few days at the inn which *had* been slated to serve as her honeymoon spot. Here, the handsome young innkeeper Kendall catches her eye even as she reasons she is in rebound mode and definitely doesn't need to be thinking about another man right now.

Her stay of a few days in this small Virginia town turns into a few weeks. She helps out at the tea shop, makes new friends who become roommates, and bungles her way through a few job tryouts. When she finally remembers she should have been asking God to guide her decisions about the future, things get even more complicated when her ex shows up asking for forgiveness. If you're like me, you'll be rooting for Steph all the way -- and wanting to hear more of her story! The book concludes with six recipes featured in the storyline, and it also has Discussion Questions that would make this a great choice for book groups to enjoy together.


  1. Oh, this is great news. It is always such a long wait between Laura Childs books in the "Tea Shop Mysteries". Now there is another series to fill the gap.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. What a great review - I want to read this book. It sounds wonderful, Angela. And may I say, I bet your book would be great reading. You are so good at everything you do - I would read a book you wrote! Thanks for the review and I hope you have a great day, Joanie

  3. Harvest House is a great publisher of many tea books. This one sounds fascinating.

  4. Wow - sounds like pure fun! I will check it out on my next Harvest House order!

  5. Write your book. You do everything so well. Put your own spin on it.

  6. Thank you, Angela for the new title. I agree with parTea lady that it is a L O N G wait between Child's books.

    I have your new suggestion on hold at the library.

  7. I think I just saw this advertised in one of my tea magazines recently. Yea, it's here!


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