Monday, October 11, 2010

It's "Tea for Two" time

Saturday morning I left early to go to my mom's house, because the last time I went I bypassed about a dozen wonderful looking yard sales and I wanted to have plenty of time to stop and shop! This trip, however, I saw only one yard sale, and it was a dud. So I had a little extra time that morning to stop at the antique mall in Carrollton where I found this vintage "Tea for Two" clock-shaped teapot!

I have two other teapots in this "Brown Betty" glaze color, but nothing whimsical like this one. I thought $10 was a fair price, and besides, this gave me some inspiration to create a tabletop with fall-hued items.

The back of the teapot is kind of fun, and I can't decide whether that's really supposed to look like a smiley face or simply to simulate the back workings of a clock. (What do you think? Both, maybe?) It's marked "Made in England" and "P&K" on the bottom, and I'm really pleased with this little find.

Another treasure was this little wooden tea canister ($4), which was part of a set but they were willing to sell it individually. I was pleased with that, because one can use just so many canisters - but never too many tea canisters! Tomorrow I'll have to tell you about my greatest find of the weekend, a teatime accessory I had been searching for literally for YEARS ...


  1. You always find such great treasures. I love the "tea for two" time teapot and the wooden tea canister. Can't wait to see what your extra special find was.

  2. That is one of the most charming teapots I have ever seen ! Thank goodness it was rescued by someone who appreciates it!

  3. Can't wait to see your find your long-searched-for item. I think the back of the teapot is the clock workings that double as a whimsical face. Very cute!

  4. What a neat teapot, love the design! Can't wait to hear about your long-searched for treasure,

  5. Love the vintage canister and teapot.


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