Thursday, October 21, 2010

In praise of tea-themed cards

Over the weekend I was searching for some old photos and ended up going through a lot of old cards and letters as well. Long about the mid to late 1990s, a theme began to emerge in the correspondence I received! I think these pieces are so beautiful, and if you double-click on the image I bet you'll come across some cards you've received or sent yourself.

I have a question, though. Do you have any creative ways of displaying your cards? Mine are currently housed in hatboxes, but rediscovering them this weekend made me want to do something a bit more visible with them. Any ideas, friends?


  1. I recognize some of those! In fact I think I still have some stickers like that little thank you teapot on the lower left side.
    Maybe you could have a piece of glass cut to fit the top of one of your lamp tables, and slide these teapot images under the glass to form a tea themed collage. Or you might mat and frame a few and hang them as a group in your kitchen or dining room.
    Can't wait to see pics of what you do!

  2. Angela, Beautiful arrangement. I think everyone would love a copy of them. Do you have time to post each one single and then may we have your permission to get a copy of each one? Have you seen any Christmas cards with recipes inside them, this year. This is what I look for.
    Perhaps you will come to the blog listed below and enter my contests.
    Questions, contact me:
    Betty J

  3. Angela, Would you mind if I take a copy of your framed cards to put on my blogs? I'm always looking for something vintage to post and I love greeting cards.
    Betty J

  4. Wish I did have an idea. I have an old trellis hanging on the wall in my office and I display them for a while on the trellis. Then the trellis gets full and in a desk drawer they go. Love finding tea related cards.

  5. Love these cards. Keeping them in a hatbox is a good idea.

  6. Lovely cards, Angela!

    I like the idea of one of your early 'posters' (GardenofDaisies) who metioned putting the cards down on a table, with a piece of glass over them.

    I have also seen some 'old-fashioned' jewelry cases (large ones, they have wood frames with glass sides & a side door that opens - you can put the cards on the bottom, as a base & jewelry / collectibles go on top of the note cards). Either way, enjoy & let us know what you do - you are so creative! Joanie

  7. Your cards are all so pretty and look great in the collage. I sometimes display favorites on those freestanding wire holders, or on my memory board. Garlands are so popular these days, that might be an option too.

  8. Angela,

    Such a fun collection of cards!
    I have a box with many lovely tea themed cards and decided to use them in my tote bag that has pockets for displaying photos. Now I have a customized tea themed tote that can change each time I receive a beatiful card and it certainly has sparked converstaions with other tea lovers that I meet in my travels. You can find these totes on the web.

    I also place some of them under the glass on my desk top as another poster suggested. How about recycling them by using the front picture to make another card to send to another tea friend or use them as scrapbooking accent.

    Mary Jane

  9. Yes! I cut the pictures off and save those as "pictures" for the side of gift bags. Birthdays, holidays, etc. they turn a plain gift bag into a WOW bag with a pretty picture on it!

  10. Have a piece of glass cut to fit the bottom of an existing serving tray or make a serving tray from a picture frame (instructions can be found online). Then put the cards along with lace, ribbon, scrapbookking embellishments under the glass. Nice thing is , you can change it out now and then.

    Let us know what you do come up with.


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