Monday, October 25, 2010

Finding teapot ornaments, new and old

After a thoughtful alert from my tea friend in cyberspace, Gerri, I was hoping to be in the neighborhood of a Kmart, which my town no longer has, so I could find some of Country Living's new teapot ornaments. I happened to pass right by the one in Rome, Ga. over the weekend, and voila, there they are! I think this may be my favorite of the ornaments I bought.

Kmart really has some lovely ornaments this year, and these are the three teapot designs I found. I'm sorry to have to tell you I paid full retail price ($4.99 each), since these weren't on sale, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

One thing that made me even happier about these lovely ornaments? The packaging has those "bubble" type closures, so you can re-use the packaging for storage! Nice!

I also found a vintage Hallmark teapot ornament (if 1980 counts as "vintage") for just $3 at an antique mall.

On the interior is a little chipmunk decorating a tiny bottlebrush tree. So thanks to Gerri and the antique mall, it was a great weekend for finding teapot ornaments!


  1. Such cute ornaments, Angela. I especially like the Hallmark ornament with the chipmunk - so cozy! Joanie

  2. The teapot ornaments are very pretty. I looked online and Kmart has so many great Country Living ornaments. The crochet teapot they carry is cute too.

  3. This year I'm doing a teapot tree. I'll be showing it in Dec.I've been keeping my eyes open for new ones to add.I would never have thought of K-Mart.Your teapot house is what My dreams are made of .I LOVE it.

  4. The ornament with the windows
    and chipmunk is adorable !
    Also need to check out Kmart's
    Christmas ornaments !

  5. I feel old if 1980 is vintage. LOL I really like the Hallmark ornament you found.

  6. yes, I saw the ornaments at K-mart and immediately thought of you. They are lovely.

  7. The ornaments are all fun to see. Who would have thought KMart would have such cute ones.

  8. Sears also have the teapot ornaments and they are on sale this week! Christine


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