Friday, October 29, 2010

A book publisher I'm going to miss

Some sad news arrived by e-mail recently: Collector Books is closing its book division after 40 years. I was so sorry to hear that, because I've been a great fan of their collectibles books, including the "Collectible Cups and Saucers" series of price guides, which I know some of you have as well. The news was especially surprising since the company had just recently sent me a review copy of its 19th (and final) edition of the "Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass" by Cathy and Gene Florence. This book has been a tremendous help to me since I've started collecting Tea Room pattern Depression Glass -- and a few other assorted pink patterns.

This book has three pages of Tea Room glass prices and photos, and here's a detail from one page. I would *love* to find a cup and saucer like the one in the foreground at lower left. (Actually, I'd love one or two of everything listed in the pattern, but I would most enjoy finding a cup and saucer!) If you want to research your Depression Glass, this is THE book to have.

Recalling that my mother had a guidebook when she started collecting Depression Glass years ago, I searched online until I found the exact edition she had, and bought a copy for 75 cents. It was the third edition of this very same guide by the Florences, it turns out. I well remembered that red cover and the 1970s looking font. I can't believe I remembered some of the stories from the book after all this time. And I enjoyed remembering that when my mother collected "Iris and Herringbone" pattern dishes, my little sister called the pattern "Irish Hambone." Collector Books says it is closing its book division because it can't compete with all the free information now available on the internet, and I do understand that, but as a book lover and a collectibles lover, I'm certainly sorry to see them go!

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  1. It is indeed sad when a book publisher closes down or for that matter a business you have loved has gone out of business. The depression glass book looks fascinating.


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