Monday, August 30, 2010

It's fun being square!

It is definitely the exception and not the rule, but occasionally antique stores can turn up treasures that are even greater bargains than you find at the average yard sale or estate sale. Such was the case with this $4 plate I came across at an antique mall in Villa Rica on Saturday while antiquing with my mom. This is just about one of the prettiest vintage plates I have ever seen!

Upon studying the lacy reticulated borders of this 8-1/2-inch-square plate, I realized this is really not at all some finely painted piece. If you look closely you'll see that the gold painting appears very irregular, and although the overall effect is great, I can't help wondering if this is some homemade ceramic piece of yesteryear.

The back also appears a bit rough and unfinished looking, again making me think this is not some mass-produced piece, and therein lies the charm!

The rose design appears to be a decal, and there is a signature but since part of it is missing I can't quite make it out. Can you? When I checked out with my treasure, it rang up not $4 but instead just $1.60. I had to ask about the discount, because I surely didn't want to rip them off, but the clerk said that booth was offering an additional 60 percent off. No complaints here!

Next we stopped by an antique mall in Bremen, and there I found a booth which had quite a few pieces that were decorated in the style of old-fashioned china painting, this one signed "Louise." It was again a square shape that caught my eye, and when I noticed this piece was slightly elevated I turned it over to see if there was a familiar circular rim underneath. Indeed there was -- this is a square tea trivet!

At $3, I knew this piece was meant to go home with me. It's nice to discover a new shape of tea trivet, plus I love knowing that "Louise" once took the time to paint this piece. (I hope she really did use it when serving tea!)

My best "buy" of the day, though, was free. It was this teapot pin my mom had found in a bag of costume jewelry she'd bought earlier in the week. "I thought you might want this," she said, and I certainly did! I've seen this set on eBay a few times but never at a price I liked. What's so unusual here is that two tiny teapot earrings are attached to the surface of the pin. See them?

You can see the backs here. A fun addition to my tea-themed jewelry collection, and there's certainly nothing square about that!


  1. That first plate is very pretty and unusual looking. Wow, another tea trivet too. I also like the tea theme jewelry piece your Mom found.

  2. That pin with the earrings, very clever creation. I have become recently fascinated by square plates, and yours a very special. In Wisconsin I visited a couple antique shops and found the prices to be somewhat better than in Portland. A pretty teacup came home with me, which I will share probably at the end of this week.

  3. Great finds, Angela! That square plate is lovely. Have a great day, Joanie

  4. What lovely finds! I particularly like the darling little teapot pin. Sweet! :)

  5. Great finds! The teapot pin and earrings are very unique. So nice of your mom to be on the lookout for tea jewelry for you.

  6. What pretty pieces! I have a flower pot that is very similar to your first piece, it has a similar rose design and gold edges.


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