Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Room with a (tea-themed) View

Because my craft room is upstairs and already had blinds when we bought the house, I never really worried about the fact it didn't have curtains. As I've slowly been turning this into a more attractive space, however, I halfway had an eye out for the right pair of curtains suitable for the room's single window. And I found them, on eBay!

The curtains feature teapots and coffee grinders. I told my husband the coffee theme is for him, the tea for me. (He was every bit as excited as you would expect a man to be while discussing curtains with his wife.)

Surprisingly enough, these 24 x 82-inch panel curtains cost just $19.99 and shipping was free -- from France! I thought that was quite the bargain and was so happy when these arrived so quickly. I don't think these are old or particularly fine, and there's no label, but I like 'em anyway. Because of the fringe-type bottom that occurs where the panel was cut, I strongly suspect these were sold by the yard in some craft store. In fact, it has occurred to me I could cut these off to shorter 63-inch curtains and have tea-themed lace to use for other projects. Hmmm ...

And here I am bravely showing you a tiny portion of my still-junky craft room. As you can see, the curtains are hanging from an inexpensive metal curtain rod, and I'd love to think of something tea-ish to go up top. I have a pretty chintz topper I could use, but that seems a little fussy with all the lace. Any ideas? At least I'm not in any hurry. It took me four years to find the right curtains. If it takes me four years to find the right topper treatment, I'm OK with that too!


  1. Oh Angela, those are lovely!

  2. Hi Angela,

    Just love your curtains. Another great find for your room.
    I have some lace panels with a tea theme and instead of a curtain rod I used a horizontal tea cup and saucer rack as the topper and used clip on curtain rings to hang the curtains on the bottom of the rack. Here is a link to a simialr rack.

    You could also use a wooden rod and screw in a cup hook on each end and hang an orphan tea cup as the finial for the rod.

    Enjoy the view!

    Mary Jane

  3. Mary Jane has some clever ideas!!

  4. Your curtains are perfect for your craft room. I'm with you on taking your time to find what you really want. Most of our rooms only have blinds. I seen visiting ladies cringe when they see my "naked" windows. The way I look at it, heavy drapes are just dust collectors.

  5. Thanks for the great ideas, Mary Jane! I'll definitely be searching for one of those racks now!

  6. I was thinking they would look great with a topper made from a vintage tablecloth(tea themed of course). I loved Mary Jane's idea though.
    The tablecloth would be a bit less formal looking, which would work better in my craft room.
    I really must learn to sew!

  7. How fun to finally have found just what is perfect for your craft room. I had to laugh because our living room and dining room went without anything on the windows for about 4 years. I just liked the plain windows, but finally found just what I wanted and am happy I waited. Love Mary Jane's ideas.

  8. Hello Angela, those are beautiful curtains! And I love Mary Jane's suggestion - that would be so neat.
    Have fun, Joanie


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