Friday, July 9, 2010

A creative new ad campaign

It's not often I come across a print advertisement I think is so wonderful I feel the need to share it with friends, but this current ad campaign from AT&T is just the most brilliant thing I've seen in a while! This ad appeared in the June 7 issue of Forbes. Naturally, the teapots caught my eye, but ...

... do you see what the teapots and handles ARE? How very creative! I'd love to know if these hands were really and truly HANDpainted or whether this design is Photoshopped, but either way I think it's very clever.

These ads must be part of a series, because this one (in the July 5 Bloomberg Businessweek) uses the same idea. Again, I say, brilliant! And I'm a Verizon customer, not an AT&T customer! (But maybe I'd reconsider if they'd change their name to "A TEA & TEA.")


  1. Lovely pots! You have very interesting posts.

  2. Hadn't seen these, very clever. Can't figure out the handles though.
    Love A Tea & Tea, too cute. I wonder if they thought of that too?

  3. Reminds me of those tv ads where everything the car drives by (trees, flowers, etc.) is made of people. The "hands" teapots are very clever - I love the patterns used on the pots.

  4. Very neat, I had not seen these. I like the design they used. Joanie

  5. I have seen a whole book of hands painted as different things - very creative sutff. Now if I could remember the name...


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