Friday, October 9, 2009

Jaya tea freebies

Have you ever tried Jaya teas before, anyone? If so, which one(s), and what did you think? I know I've heard of this brand before, but I don't believe I've tried any of this tea until now.

A month or so ago, I took an online survey offering some free Jaya tea. When I have the time, I actually enjoy taking surveys because I like influencing the decisions marketers make. The Jaya survey was very interesting to take, and I like knowing a bit about the process behind their tea marketing. I forgot about ever taking the survey, however, until this thick white envelope from Jaya appeared in my mailbox the other day!

Inside was a foil-wrapped package of 20 Pyramid Tea Pods. "Mission" is written on the package, and under Name of Garden it says simply "6." I don't know what type of tea this is, but I do know it's a good, brisk cup of black tea with a delicious flavor. It had a very smooth taste and only slight astringency. I drank it black, though I imagine it will also be good with some milk. So if you ever get an offer to take a survey with Jaya teas, it just might be worth your while!


  1. I have tried Jaya teas and I think they're pretty good. I am plesed to see you survived the dread Lapsang trial!

  2. This is a new tea to me. The Mission 6 blend sounds like a basic black tea that I would like. Thanks for the info.

  3. I like getting free samples from different tea companies. In fact, I like getting samples of tea in general. I'm always going to drink a lot of samples of my beloved Puerh to find out which ones I like. For stretches of time I won't even buy any favorites but just keep trying different ones. It's exciting. --Teaternity

  4. Hi, thank you for the post! The mission tea you received is actually a single estate tea from Mission Hill Tea Estate. It is a very nice aromatic tea which I enjoy a lot. I hope you found the tea just as enjoyable.

    I also want to let you and your readers know that Jayatea has started a free weekly drawing for those who signup on the website. Please let others know. We have given away quite a bit of loose tea under this program.

    Please go to this link to signup onto our website.


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