Thursday, October 8, 2009

Invigorating Green Tea Mint ChapStick

With so many flavors of ChapStick on the market, I fully expected to come across a green tea version one day, and here it is!

"Tingles. Moisturizes. Nourishes." Well, who doesn't want to be tingled, moisturized and nourished? This variety even boasts 13 moisturizers to keep lips hydrated.

But here's the ingredient listing, and no camellia sinensis is listed. It does have the vague word "flavor," so I suppose that's a possibility. I called a toll-free number and the very nice lady who answered didn't know whether or not it actually contains green tea and said she had never been asked that before. She seemed concerned that perhaps I was trying to *avoid* green tea in the product and offered to research it, but I assured her I *like* green tea and was simply curious. At any rate, the ChapStick does indeed tingle and tastes great, so this ended up being an OK purchase after all.


  1. Angela,

    This product seems to be manufactured in the United that true?
    By main ingredient first, it is possible that by description they are:

    Invigorating = (Sunflower)
    green = olives and avocados
    tea = PolyhydroxysTEAric Acid
    mint = Silica (naw, they did not spell wrong! that would have been "flint" and who would want a flinty mouth?)
    mint = flavoring (spearmint, peppermint, whatever mint)
    Therein lies the problem (the mint). It is out of order in the listing of ingredients, which should read "Invigorating mint green tea"

    BUT they wanted to emphasize the GREEN with maybe they got it right...

    So it is natural if you give them an inch they took a mile and found the TEA in a chemical word...

    Stupid, huh? They MIGHT win in a court of law...

  2. You are a real sleuth! Good job!

    And funny, too. Love this line, "Well, who doesn't want to be tingled, moisturized and nourished?"

  3. Angela you are so funny. I can't wait to see your next new product!
    Or to try this one....I need some "tingle", in my life!HA!
    Love Ya!

  4. With colder weather coming, I may just check out this Green Tea (without tea) ChapStick. Thanks for the review.

  5. Oh, this is a funny story! The lady on the phone was worried there was real green tea in it. Ha! This time I'm not going to preach drinking any real tea instead of using this for your lips. In fact, it's a good idea for me to get something like this for these Minnesota winters. --Teaternity

  6. Another ingredient reader...glad to know I'm not alone! I also stand in the aisle and read ingredients, but you have to know what you're eating or drinking, right? Good detective work and perseverence.

    Have a wonderful day!



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