Thursday, October 15, 2009

Feeling quil-tea

Yes, the fall quilting bug has bitten, and I am once again dragging needle and thread all over the place. Recently I came across two new tea-themed fabrics and thought you might like to see them. First, there's this "Deja Brew" fabric.

This line is by Audrey Jeanne Roberts for Studio E Fabrics, and I instantly fell in love with the pretty blue and brown colorway. I thought perhaps I could use it with some of the blue and brown florals in my stash, but next to this fabric they seem too traditional/formal. Still, the pretty teacups on this fabric drew me right in, so I'm happy to have added it to my stash and will be on the lookout for complementary fabrics to use with it when the right idea strikes.

And of course who could resist a new pink teacup fabric? This one is marked Pattern#BART-C5531 for Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc. This struck me as a great fabric for a tea-themed project for a little girl.

Quilts and fabric have been on my mind even more after watching several Netflix DVDs. There haven't been very many new movies I've wanted to see lately, so I've been viewing old PBS programs on quilting. I've seen "America Quilts," "A Century of Quilts," and this week I saw "The Art of Quilting," all of which I highly recommend. I hit the pause button on this last one and took a picture to show you that yes, tea really *can* be found everywhere, including on this piece an art quilter is stitching on her machine!

And even though these aren't tea-themed, I thought I'd better include a few of my Cathedral Window blocks to prove I really have been completing a few quilt blocks lately!


  1. Love this fabric!!! Be sure to stop in on our Tea on Tuesdays!! I gave your blog a mention a post or two before !!!

  2. I love to see new tea themed fabric. Those old PBS shows sound great. Have you ever watched that quilt show that Alex Anderson used to host (Simply Quilts?).

    Your Cathedral Window blocks are looking good - can't wait to see them in the quilt.

  3. Great post title. Your blog is a must for my tea themed fixes every day. Thanks!

  4. I Love those colors! I have a few tea fabrics in my stash to! Never know when the perfect project may show up to use them!

  5. I remember those PBS shows. Too bad they don't come on anymore (all we have is Sewing with Nancy, which is a good show too) but I'm glad Netflix has them. Can't wait to see your finished Cathedral Window quilt. I took a class on that one time and enjoyed it even if I only made a 12x12 piece.

  6. These teacups aren't too feminine and would work for a guy like me if the background color weren't pink. I'm impressed by the teacups. They're a nice artistic touch, showing off the quality of this print. --Teaternity

  7. The pink teacup fabric is my favorite, and I definitely can see it being used for a young lady's quilt, tablecloth, or pillow...maybe even her own apron! The cathedral window blocks are beautiful...a little above my pay scale, though.


  8. Love seeing your Cathedral Windows quilting.

  9. Angela, you are sooo talented! Cathedral windows is a difficult pattern, I'm very impressed.

  10. This is wonderful blog. I love it.


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