Thursday, August 27, 2009

A vintage tea(spoon) glass

If you'll permit me one more "glass" post, I'll get off the topic of tea glasses, I promise! (For a while, I mean. Surely there will be a new tea glass in the next year or two I'll want to write about!) This one was a $1 find at an antique mall in Rome, and I just love the graphics on this glass!

The teaspoon graphic reminds me very much of a rubber stamp design I've seen, and I'm going to save the image in my computer files in case I need a design of a vintage teaspoon one day. Invitations -- thank-you notes -- decoupage crafts. I can think of lots of uses for this design. I was drawn to it because I thought it was from an old newspaper (and I'm definitely an old newspaper girl!), but upon inspection I saw it was a reprint from a vintage Sears catalog. (And wouldn't you love to get six solid silver teaspoons for $3.66?)

I also like this design of a woman's boot, and it could have similar uses as the teaspoon graphic. I'll bet you've got some tea-themed goodies at your house as well that are just as suitable to be turned into "graphic images" for crafts!


  1. Dear Angela: I love this glass! It would work well on notes, etc...another great idea from your site. With school starting back up, it's been a littled 'harried' at our house, I appreciate your site, all the more. Have a great day, Joanie

  2. I really like the graphics on this glass and the yellow and black combo. What a terrific find.

  3. I am not tired of your tea glasses. This one is fun and I agree with the rubber stamp feel on some of the graphics. It would be fun to have rubber stamps of the spoon.

  4. I think this is a very good cup for iced tea. Not that I'm a homemaker or anything :) But I like the cup. --Spirituality of Tea


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