Friday, August 14, 2009

Tea Time features my neck of the woods!

The new issue of Tea Time was waiting for me at Hastings this week (but no Joanie, my dear tea friend and favorite Hastings employee!). Despite missing my friend, I was happy to get the new issue because it has some of the yummiest fall recipes I've come across in ages. Even thought it's a little early for me to be in the "Fall" mood just yet, all those recipes are making me glad that here in Newnan my friends have started to comment on how the trees are already losing their leaves.

Tea Time has a nice feature on pumpkin-flavored desserts, and there's not a one of these I wouldn't be willing to try. The Mini Gingerbread Trifles with Pumpkin Custard are so pretty in their little glasses, but I'm also intrigued by a couple of savory pumpkin dishes, Pumpkin-Leek Tarts and Pumpkin Risotto Bites. Pumpkin Scones with Maple Butter sound good, and the Pumpkin-Bread and Cranberry Tea Sandwiches sure make a pretty presentation!

I was quite intrigued by the feature on Taking Tea in Atlanta since the big city is just 30 minutes from my house. I've had tea at three of the five places—The Ritz-Carlton, The Four Seasons, Mittie's Tea Room Cafe—but have not been to Barclay's Flower and Tea Garden or Crabapple Tea Room, though I've tried with both. I gave up on Barclay's after calling several times a few years ago and being told no reservations were available; if memory serves, they were hosting only large groups, but the Tea Time article didn't mention this. So yesterday I called their number listed in Tea Time to ask about hours and reservations but got an answering machine asking me to leave a message for another telephone number. That seemed strange, so I didn't leave a message at all. And DH made reservations for our Valentine's Tea at Crabapple this year but later got a call saying they had to cancel for lack of interest. So, if any of you Atlanta-area friends have ever taken tea at Barclay's or Crabapple, I'd love to hear some reviews!


  1. Sounds like a great edition of Tea Time. I'll have to look for it next week when I'm grocery shopping.

  2. This is a great issue, isn't it. So many lovely photos and unusual recipes. I don't usually make savory scones, but I'd like to try the Black Olive Scones with Pesto Cream.

    I did have tea at the Crabapple Tea Room some years ago. I have quite of few photos of a very enjoyable tea there. Right now I can't find my tea journal, and I've forgotton a lot of the details. It looks like the tea room was closed for a while and is now re-opened.

  3. I thought Tea Time had some lovely sounding recipes too. I have the Pumpkin bread with cranberry filling on a menu for a tea I am doing in October. It should be perfect for then.

  4. We practiced the Pumpkin scones and maple butter for our September Teachers Tea at church-YUMMY but we decided the scones need a pinch more spices.
    Hope we hear something on those 2 tearooms. I had also tried to get in touch w/Barclays.

  5. I thought of you when I read the article About Atlanta area tea rooms! I'm planning the menu for the annual Berea Health Ministry Fundraiser tea in October and have considered the pumpkin scones and serving them with cinnamon butter instead of maple butter.

  6. I thought it was a great article, too. Like you - but in years past -I tried contacting Barclay's but never got a response. I was surprised to see them in the article. By the way, is Deb Seven's Farmhouse Tea Shoppe in Dunwoody still open? I attended the 2000 M&I conference with Deb, and had tea at Farmhouse once before she bought it (from the nice South African ladies), and once after she bought it. Just curious.

  7. I loved this issue. I'd been working on a recipe for pumpkin empanadas with dark chocolate, so I was surprised to see their's with puff pastry and chocolate! I might have to try both and see which I prefer. It's for a Harry Potter tea though and I think empanadas are more like pasties than something made with puff pastry.

    Thank you for sharing your impressions!

  8. Sold! I spotted this issue of Tea Time at the grocery store yesterday and grabbed a copy on your recommendation. I'm absolutely ready for it to be Fall--and to experiment with new pumpkin recipes.

    You made two sales yesterday, actually, because as I was going to the checkout lanes, I walked right by a display of J.R. Watkins products and remembered the hand cream you blogged about a while ago. Bing! Into the cart it went--and I agree, it's very nice. The scent is lovely!


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