Monday, August 3, 2009

A Mosaic Teapot ... sort of

The Saturday shopping with my mom and aunt resulted in several fun "tea purchases," including a mosaic piece I simply had to have. First, I noticed this handle and lid hiding under a shelf.

Then I thought, "Is this a teapot or what?" so I turned it to see the spout. But it wasn't *quite* a teapot.

It was a 12-inch-tall mosaic teapot candle holder! Now is that cool or what! I found this at the T.J. Maxx and More at Cumberland, and I think it's one of the neatest mosaic pieces I've ever come across. I've been tempted to give mosaic crafts a try myself, but a very talented friend tried them and ended up with what her family calls "the grout table." I occasionally see mosaic teapots in antique malls, but they often look very clumsily made -- like I made them! I also had a feeling DH was going to like this, and when he looked at it admiringly and said "That looks like folk art," I was very pleased, as that's going to be the style of our "cabin in the woods" one day. Now I'm on the search for a pretty candle in variegated colors, but I think this piece is quite pretty "as is."


  1. What a unique mosaic candle holder - I love all the colors. It is a really fun piece.

  2. You really found a neat piece. How cool is that! I often think what fun I could have making all sort of tea related stuff. One day................

  3. I agree, it is pretty. What a unique find. Now you just reminded me I have a mosaic teapot somewhere. I am off to find it.


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