Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Miller's "Tea Party"

A tall chocolate cake ringed with strawberries fair

Or perhaps you'd prefer a peanut butter cake to share?

Cute petits fours are a welcome tea treat

And this beribboned cake is incredibly sweet!

A classic tiered server offers foods we adore

A gorgeous floral cake? Make room for one slice more!

This beautiful hat is the perfect finishing touch

And when I say this is the "yummiest" fabric ever, I'm not exaggerating much!

Yes, my poetry leaves a lot to be desired, but I hope you can see why I'm so charmed by this Michael Miller "Tea Party" fabric. It's available lots of places online, but I found mine for $5.50 a yard on Etsy. Bon appetit!


  1. Oh I love that fabric!!! Thanks for all that you discover.

  2. Oooo, I love this fabric! And wha great poetry too. I'll need to keep a look out for this, wouldn't it make the best tea apron?

  3. I thought I was reading a children's book! I loved that it was a boy's tea party! LOL!
    Cute fabric!

  4. Michael Miller has great designs in fabric. I have found his fabrics in the fabric store too.

  5. What a great fabric! I love that it is printed on a pink background. Like Terese, the first thing I thought was what a pretty apron this would make.

  6. Adorable!! Whatcha gonna do with that????? tammyp

  7. Love, love, love...this fabric! Once again, Angela makes a 'Devine Find!' You know, even pieces of this fabric - framed - would be neat! Just think, when you have a catalogue and / or tea shop, I can just order from there. 'My personal shopper / tea advisor is...' Take care, Joanie


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